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The article discusses problems and peculiarities of acoustic space, as well as sound insulation device in an apartment on a “room in the room».

Acoustic device

Device “room to room,” starts from the ceiling. Panel PhoneStar heavy enough, one sheet weighs 17 kg, so it is better to mount a helper.

After cutting soundproof panels PhoneStar the cut should be a special seal with duct tape Wolf Type.

If the mount is made of panels to the wall, it is better to use special plugs, which are offered by the manufacturer. Made of special plastic, they do not create a “sound bridges».

During installation care should be taken to remain between the panels do not crack (small silicone can then be fluff).

When the whole room is lined with panels, the seams between them glued with a special tape Wolf Type, supplied with the panels, and then proceed to finishing. Soundproofing materials can oblitsevat drywall, plaster, or if the thickness of the insulation has a value, just putty irregularities and covered with wallpaper. Trail on the floor laminate, parquet or linoleum.

Zvukaizolyatsionnye PhoneStar panel easy to use.

The finest hard cover from currently available on the Russian market – is PhoneStar, produced by German company “Wolf Bavaria». They are equally effective against both air (Rw = 36 dB) and shock (Lnw = 33 dB) noise.

The complexity of the struggle with external noise in multi-storey buildings due to other and more serious factor. To protect against loud music, penetrating from the adjacent apartments, better soundproofing material oblitsevat wall with a neighbor, and not with his hand.

Modern sound insulation should be not only reliable but also environmentally friendly.

The reason is that the sound from the source, reaching the walls and floors, begins to spread inside building structures. Therefore, a soundproof wall or ceiling, all problems are solved. There are two ways out of this situation.

Room to room

Manufacturers of acoustic insulation materials often exhibit the effect of “room to room” for example, cabins made of noise absorbing materials. Silence within them makes an indelible impression.

Quality and cost of building a house. Estimates of construction and the real cost of building a country house.

Quality of construction has always been a burning issue, which is particularly exacerbated when this activity began to engage people without special training.

Previously, the only customer was the state simultaneously and controlled the quality of construction. Today’s private customer is not always the consequences of a decision, which he insists, but it depends on the contractor (and sometimes incompetent or dishonest) is in violation of design and manufacturing operations in order to accelerate construction, reduce its cost at the expense of quality.

In addition, quality control of construction is carried out: the technical supervision of the customer, the designer’s supervision, as well as representatives of state control and supervision. Known that more than half of the detected flaws and violations of the permit performers, about one-third due to poor quality construction materials and structures, 5% – errors and errors in the draft. And only 10% – for objective reasons.

What can we say about the uncontrolled “samostroy” country houses with the help of hired laborers or young construction firms, have neither the experience nor the base or even an experienced specialist. The purpose of these companies – to keep up with the short construction season run as much as possible construction. Strength and reliability of their homes not care. There is a contradiction of interests of the parties.

In the discussion of the cost of the upcoming construction of the house the main emphasis is not on the types and volumes of work, their organization and technology, and money. Not only does it by talking about finances and everything begins. This is a gross error of customers, which in dalneishem leads to inflated estimates. Experience has shown that their costs often reach the amount in excess of the required one and a half twice.

The Civil Code provides for art. 749, which regulates the participation of engineers in the implementation of rights and obligations of owner-builder. This specialist may be invited by the customer or at the time of construction, or for the acceptance of individual stages of work, as well as to resolve disputes between the contractor and the contractor as a construction lawyer. Construction lawyer’s fee is negligible compared with the value of saving.

Quality construction country house (wood frame)

Build Time boxes at home on the draft AR 176-37 will be at least 3 months. Given the holidays, delays, weather conditions are likely during construction will be 4 months. Given that the construction team will be involved of 5 persons. Current indicators on vacancies and offers construction companies indicate that the minimum wage low-skilled labor force is not less than 25 000 rubles / month. Even assuming that you build a house these malokvalifitsirpovannye builders (which we you really do not recommend), the budget amount of wages not less than 500, 000 rubles. This is a very simple scheme Sabbath-order. Even with this scheme we find that the cost of construction will be 740, 000 rubles. To be honest, that will build these comrades will not be home in the conventional sense of the word, but it is not important in this article.

We see that the total cost of construction of aerated concrete box house on the draft AR 176-37, taking into account materials and labor will be: 2. 8344 million rubles.

And the cost of construction quality boxes at home will be at least 18, 000 rubles per 1 sq. M.

So why very often in sentences construction companies, we see the numbers 11000-12000 euro / sq.m. The figure below 11 000 USD / sq.m. We do not want to even comment, it’s just unreal.

Illiterate and unskilled construction of a house – all paid for the customer

In the general segment of the popular house plans, projects such trace amounts, so these homes do not have a practical implementation.

Analysis of demand of houses shows that good quality and construction of town houses may be carried out at the offer price of 15, 000 rubles / sqm.


You will need to formwork, reinforcement, waterproofing, concrete, reinforcement, inserts, expanded polystyrene.

Walls and partitions in the house

Outer walls of the house, we assume, will be made of concrete blocks 400 mm thick.

Total costs of materials for walls and partitions at home with your window and door openings will be – about 450 000 rubles.

Ring anchors and reinforcing belt

Total cost of materials will be – at least 84, 000 rubles.


The roof of the house

Foundation walls + roof + = 1 904 000 rubles

We had a very approximate, a rough calculation that does not take into account the cost of fixing and mounting supplies, loading-unloading activities and the delivery of construction materials, so knowing the characteristics of the construction process, the cost of building materials can be safely increased by 10% at least.

With a total area of??176.37 square meters in homes we find that only the cost of materials will be 11 900 rubles / sq.m.

Estimates and actual construction costs at home

Definition of the real cost of building homes in current market conditions – it is very difficult. This question bothers as customers, developers and contractors of those specialists who determine the actual cost of construction. Estimates calculated in gosrastsenkah 1984-1991 gg. Or MTSN 81-98 with correction factors. This database was created for a large industrial building and completely unsuitable for private housing. In addition, the estimated regulations 1984-1991 gg. Obsolete, as it does not take into account new technologies, materials and products, instruments and mechanisms.

This document is an integral part of the project and the cost estimates were equal to approximately 10% of project cost. When last assessed at 10% of the value of construction work, the estimate actually was worth 1% of the cost of construction. This practice survived in the design calculations of the budget construction sites.

Lack of a single regulatory framework of commercial pricing, a huge difference in skill level quantity surveyors have resulted in many forms and methods of determining the cost of construction.

His Majesty the case

Specialist opinion

Why do I need insurance of property, devised many ways to protect it? Ludmila Lavrov, managing director liability insurance and private property company “Rosgosstrakh-North-West”:

- Alarm, security, CCTV, fire protection systems to reduce the risk of fires and illegal activities. However, neither the technical nor organizational system for the protection of property rights can not protect from all dangers. And then without insurance can not do. A typical example: holiday house in gardening array “Mshinskaya” was renovated in 2008, protected by bars on the windows and metal doors. Quality of technical equipment and home care owners, who cut off all-out electric stove and cleaned, it would seem to guarantee the safety of property. In March 2009, a caring boss still insured his house.


For example, wood houses are burning more than stone, and old buildings from deterioration over 50% of threatened trouble posting, in violation of operation of all systems, and other troubles. Availability in the cottage open fire sources – fireplaces and stoves – and the reason for increased cost of insurance. In turn, the risk of fire and theft is greatly reduced, if the house is installed bars on the windows, alarm system, fire protection systems. If is your homestead is located in a guarded cottage, the price of insurance in relation to the amount of coverage will be quite small.

Country-house insurance will ensure the safety of your estate and your peace of mind

If the object of insurance acts as country house, the greatest danger that threatens him, – a fire. It is this risk is paramount in all insurance products. For owners of expensive cottages will be added to the relevant insurance and risk of illegal actions. Well, the full package includes risks such as natural disasters, impact of vehicles and falling objects piloted aircraft, crash engineering systems, and even broken glass.

Across the country

Dwelling house before and after reconstruction

The preferred material for insulation of rock wool is selected.

The matter of national importance

Full-fledged national initiative that displays the repair and reconstruction of housing stock to a new level, has become the federal targeted program “Housing” for 2002-2010, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation December 31, 2001. Program “Housing” is also an integral part of the National Priority project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens.” Our topic is concerned, in particular, and its routine – “Modernization of municipal infrastructure facilities».

At present, funding continues to be implemented. Some regions received for major repairs and reconstruction of even more money than before the crisis.

Reconstruction of houses, actively carried out in recent years and particularly noticeable on the background of the current suspension of construction work – an economical and effective way to upgrade the housing stock.

Features of the main works

Replacing steel pipes for plastic solves all the major problems associated with running water and heating. Plastic pipes do not corrode, do not become overgrown and have less resistance to flow (roughness of the walls is 20 times smaller than that of steel), not lead to additional heat loss in the wiring (thermal conductivity 175 times less), can withstand pressure surges and freezing due to plasticity (which, incidentally, to a lesser extent As and metal-reinforced pipes). Varieties of plastic pipes, designed for central heating systems, are designed for coolant temperature of 85-90 degrees with a brief increase to 100 and 110 degrees.

The implementation of Intra-meter heat consumption of buildings will be renovated tenants to reduce monthly utilities.

Also very important are the strength characteristics of heat insulation. For example, a plaster facade insulation carries a plaster layer, and therefore must have a high peel strength layer (peeling ).

Both systems allow you to perform insulation work quickly and without relocation of tenants. Advantage of ventilated facades, due to the absence of wet processes is the possibility of year-round installation.

Despite the crisis, the financing of the regional programs continues to be carried out. In many cities, mass building houses period has not yet worn out, but do not meet modern requirements, receive a new life.

The foundation slab is monolithic – refers to the foundations of plate or melkozaglublennym nezaglublennym. Slab foundation for quality performance usually requires a very large amount of construction work.

The most common – is the foundation of ribbon used in the construction of virtually any building, including versions with very heavy walls. The foundation of wooden houses are usually buried shallow, but a stone house band must be recessed below the freezing depth.

Fundam home

Let us first examine in detail what this pier foundation tees.

Does it make sense extension at the bottom of the column? In my opinion – no. Bearing capacity of clay soil – 3-5 kg/cm2. Ie without the pile at the bottom with a diameter of 20-25 cm has an area of??approx. 400 cm2 and is capable of carrying the load of 1500 kg. Pile with the expansion of the bottom 50 cm in diameter have to be capable of carrying 6, 000 lbs. It would seem that there is a win, and even quadruple! And the piles can be drilled home less often and to build more.

At a forum on construction as a serious dispute broke out, the alleged advantages of the columnar yew foundation. Tees – is a company that produces special excavation drills that make the bottom of the hole a special cone extension.

And this expansion is recommended to lower the freezing point of soil, ie at a depth of 1.5 meters and below (for the middle zone of European part of Russia). In addition, all posts tied together with special concrete beams – grillage.

All this increases the complexity of manufacturing base, and the price exponentially. Sufficiently large group of developers, after hearing about the horrors of swelling ground and sprinkled with “scientific” arguments arguments in favor of the columnar base, mistakenly believe that it is virtually the only way to build a solid foundation on heaving soils.

Let’s compare. Let’s arrange to be the foundation for a small house 8×6 feet with a cross-dressing. Need to arrange for him about 16 columns with a diameter of 25 cm is required to drill them, reinforced, poured concrete. Approximate volume – about 2 m3 of concrete. Plus device grillage (in mold quality, of course) – a cross section of 0.3 x 0.3 meters, the total length of 34 meters. This is 3 m3 of concrete. Plus the weight of the preparatory work (drilling wells, reinforcement, pouring, waiting for maturation of the concrete pillars, construction of formwork, reinforcement, pouring…)

If you do well at the bottom of the expansion to 50 cm, it will add about 1 m3 of concrete, but severely complicate the device well. Foundation bearing capacity will increase to 150 tons.

Now consider the case with a belt melkozaglublennym foundation. Per unit length is the same, but will cross 0.4 x 0.5 meters. (That would fit into the same 7.6 cubic meters of concrete). Footprint is (40 cm x 3400 cm) = 136. 000 cm2! At times more!

Accordingly, the ground pressure is lower. Even if the house is stone and will weigh approx. 150 tons (which is the maximum for the pier foundation), in the case of belt pressure will be only 1 kg/cm2! Around this pressure has on the ground walking man. With more than 5 times lower than the critical load-bearing capacity of soil. Ground did not even feel that it put the house. And in the case of columnar base are calculated on the brink of a foul. There is much to ponder.

But you can secure it and the other is much more simple methods. For example, by constructing high-quality drainage of the foundation. Then on this basis simply will not work any destructive force. And no one will not have to win.

The result is a kind of design on chicken legs, though, and powerful. In winter, heaving soils will try her “sausage” in all directions, trying to break and break and. But thanks to the heroic efforts of builders, he will not succeed. At least for a few years.

It will cost so much cheaper in the basement bar graph. Carrying the same power as it is an order of magnitude greater.

On the other hand, a local increase in pressure on the pile requires very careful manufacturing. And the reinforcement must be strong and right, and concrete quality and styling – always with the vibration. The same applies to the grillage. And agree that the design works under heavy load will last much less than clearly underutilized. It would not run into it, for that fight.

This would be true if no need to make a powerful grillage connecting these piles together in one rigid structure. And the more savings on stilts, the greater must be this grillage.

It now remains to solve the problem of heaving soils and protect them from our wonderful band melkozaglublenny such a foundation.

Should we conclude from this that the pier foundation does not make sense? Of course not.


Tape melkozaglublenny foundation is a concrete structure, which is the perimeter of the future house. The construction of this foundation is to create a trench, a sand cushion device, setting the formwork, reinforcement, pouring concrete.

Pile foundation

Pile foundation has the advantage of building on unstable soils. This base is used mainly for large and heavy structures. To transfer the load from the building to the ground using a pile. The foundation consists of piles and grillage uniting them


Many manufacturers produce glass doors and partitions, using glass in combination with aluminum profiles. Advantages of this technology in terms of use, lies in the fact that aluminum is very light, so no heavier glass door. Special mechanisms ensure smooth movement and quiet gliding.

Attractiveness of interior doors made of glass lies primarily in the unique design characteristics that allow data to enter the design in almost any modern concept.

One of the latest trends – installation of glass doors without a frame or a frame, when all attention is focused on finishing the glass cloth.

Installation and operation

Thanks to modern technology the glass doors have acquired the status of safe, and are now widely used even in children.

C ene door will depend on the choice of fittings for glass constructions (hidden or visible) as well as on the chosen method of treating glass cloth. Sliding design

Technical capabilities of today’s sliding mechanism allows to cover openings of up to 6 meters in width.

Recently popular doors, made of laminated glass technology. The design consists of two sheets of glass and more, glued together by a transparent laminating film or a liquid. O Triplex provides tremendous opportunities for the design imagination that transforms a collection of doors into works of art.

Often, customers have a desire to diversify the interior with additional visual accents: for example, put on the door leaf unusual pattern or geometric pattern. In this case, you should pay attention to the time-tested and still very popular technologies – engraving and sandblasting method.

Types of treatment

It is hard to imagine a modern residential interior without windows. This is one of the most ancient materials, invented by man, is used today in virtually all elements of decoration. In particular, in recent years have become very popular to use the glass doors – beautiful and original solution for a variety of styles.

Tree is considered a new perspective in building sustainable structures. At the same time reveal its functional qualities. This is the preferred choice among a set of building materials to create a pleasant atmosphere inside the home of the future, which is associated with the ability to lower the humidity, and this in turn makes the air dry and less harmful to health. Our company mainly specializes in the construction of prefabricated wooden houses on Scandinavian technology. They used environmentally friendly building materials that are not harmful to humans and the environment. The basic material for insulation is cellulose wadding, which demonstrated its unquestionable advantages in the field of heat and sound insulation.

To finish the interior and exterior walls of frame houses using different materials. You decide how it will look your home, and what materials are best to use.

System “platform” is a wooden frame house with a load-bearing walls. The name “Platform” shows the method of construction. The house is built every floor, while the lower floor and Interfloor are both working the planes on which the walls of the floors are going in a horizontal position and then mounted vertically.

The system is particularly suitable for the construction of small individual wooden houses, but it is also used in the construction of sectional homes and homes in several floors.

Prefab homes have the following advantages:

Construction without the use of heavy construction equipment and large groups of workers

Environmentally friendly materials used in construction;

Quick return on investment by reducing costs for heating and air conditioning. The house, built on such technology, the annual electricity consumption for heating and cooling to 6 times lower than consumption in the brick house the relevant area, where energy consumption is estimated at 250-300 in kWh/m2. Year.

The rapid pace of construction, which are calculated for weeks or even days;

Excellent insulation

Building on this technology allows for a variety of complex architectural designs based on customer requirements.

The absence of “wet” processes, thus avoiding condensation;

Low cost due to lower labor costs, implementation period, as well as unique technologies.

The design of the upper floors can be a rafter or beam.

Select the project for a country house

Dream of the perfect country house may never become a reality if not in advance to attend to the preparation of relevant project documentation, which will fully reflect what you would like to see as their future home country.

The first question arising here – what kind of house design to prefer, the usual standard or individual? And one and the other options have their pros and cons.

Main advantage of an individual project, obviously, is its uniqueness. That is, if an architect came to the issue of good faith, after you have built a house that will be unique, at least from the outside. Another plus is the undisputed fact that the individual project can account for all or almost all of your wishes and special requirements. However, such an approach, of course, requires including additional and substantial financial costs. Also remember that the architect must be a true professional, because error made at the design stage, in the end not only will fully implement the project documentation, but can turn into more significant problems, for example, the general unreliability of the design.

Recommend standard designs can be another reason that there is a possible interim solution, when such project is the basis, and then it made local adjustments according to customer requirements. On the one hand, it avoids the significant time and financial losses, on the other – makes it possible to get the original country house, which is similar to several other buildings in only a few elements.

And another tip, which, as experience shows, is quite useful. If you have already decided on a total area of?? the future house, but hesitate at the expense of his one-story or be a two-story – choose the version with two floors. Apart from the fact that such an approach in most cases looks much more interesting, you also gains the ability at the same cost to get much more useful area of?? the building.

The advantages of screw-pile foundations

Screw pile foundations, despite the advantages, costs do not differ from the more traditional options. They are excellent in their way to areas with rough terrain and where the soil has a low bearing capacity.

This technology is relatively new, and like all new and differs from its predecessors most cost-effective and less time. Create a foundation for such a technology can be practically any building and on any type of soil – this will avoid the significant financial costs to the preliminary alignment and strengthening of the supporting layer of soil.

Itself screw pile is a steel pipe with sheet metal specific form, all together can resemble a large ice pick. These piles are literally screwed into the ground, and their length and depth, respectively, vary depending on the type of soil – thus, to create such a foundation can be anywhere. After completion of screwing piles concreted and further processed anticorrosive materials. This foundation is characterized by a high degree of load-carrying capacity, including through further compression of the surrounding soil at the time of screwing. Each pile can be screwed in at various depths, based on the requirements of soil, and it does not change the overall safety and soundness of the foundation.

Rents for such apartments will vary between 100-150 euros, while return on investment will be from 14 to 20 years, which is close to Moscow’s performance or even slightly lower. Plans to profit from renting it out are only those who have not invested in their own apartments, “real” money, and received a legacy of housing or as a result of greater exchange of apartments for less, gained.

Return – one of the main criteria of any business and the acquisition of property – is also a business, with a very specific and complicated.

“You can see that even in developed countries – Germany, Spain or in the spa oasis cost per square meter is much lower than in Moscow, – says” LOOK-Real Estate, “the director of consulting company” System Communication “Gennady Ovchinnikov. – Of course, housing in the capital is always expensive and more expensive than anywhere else, but in no other country has no such high prices in comparison with per capita income in our.

The most similar situation with the return on investment in property in Bulgaria. EUR 1-bedroom apartments of 35-40 square meters is 35-40 thousand Euro (about 1.4 – 1.6 million rubles). rent is such an object may no more than 200 euros a month.

Here plus the other – in the value of commercial property, which is lower than in Moscow is almost 5 times.

In Panama, the prices are quite high, as foreigners interested in only new housing, which distinguishes itself with its specific characteristics and quality of building materials and finishes. Money invested in buying an apartment in this country, back in less than 10 years.

It might seem like everything is simple – to save money, buy an apartment house under construction, to make repairs, rent, and – all. Q – how to live and a place to live. And most importantly – how long it drags on the process of returning spent on real estate funds. In Europe, many earn their living by playing on the difference between the cost of mortgages obtained for the acquisition of property and income derived from its lease. base is very simple – very low mortgage rates – at 3.5 – 4.5% per annum. euro (2.5 million rubles), which corresponds to 1.5 thousand euro per square meter. rent such apartments can be in the 400-600 euros, which means that they can pay off in 8.5 – 13 years. This expert stated, “RIA-Novosti». villa near the sea costs about 300-350 thousand € (200-250 square feet). Totally at home really earn around 14-16 thousand EUR, excluding taxes. Return home is about 22-24 years. Average cost 1-bedroom apartment in Hurghada is 25-30 thousand dollars (about 700-850 thousand rubles).

An example of the relation of “money-house-money” can be illustrated by a 1-room apartments of 38 “squares». That is, payback was a little less than 16 years. This is why calculating return on investment and benefit from rental housing is difficult»

“Of course, the starting point is the cost per square meter – says” LOOK-Real Estate “CEO of the consulting agency” B Tax on rental housing is equated in Europe, such as income, so can “eat” up to 20% from those obtained from the sums collected from housing. Thus, on average, we can say that the apartments in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, France pays off for 14-17 years ».

As for the disadvantages of a frame house, they all dealt mainly with quality materials and are now virtually eliminated.

Different types of modern roofing materials, including soft roof, concrete roof tiles.

These panels are easily treatable, so the device of any openings in the room is easy. You can also use standard wood-frame walls filled with sound insulation material inside.

Next panel mounted, they are interconnected locks “thorn-groove”. Since the panels are made in the factory, connections are made with high accuracy. Where small voids are formed, they are filled with sealant assembly.

Between wall panels and floor panels must leave a gap (this is done to compensate for temperature fluctuations).

Begin installation of wall panels – a corner of a frame house. The first wall panel is installed on a level surface with a tolerance of no more than 1-1.5 mm. Connection of the second corner panel with the first one-anodized screws screws, joint must also be sealed. Two people is enough to build the corner panels. The lower groove wall panel is put on the timber strapping, fastening with screws made.

The design of the walls allows for virtually any type of interior finish. Interior walls, for example, can be finished with cement particle board, plasterboard. Finishing of floor covering can be of any type.

Floor slabs are stacked on already established and tie the timbers of the first floor wall panels. Consolidation is performed with screws. Then set bar “mauerlat” on the sides, which will build the rafters. These sites, such as gables, manufactured at the plant, with ready-made window and door openings.

Smooth surface allows for stacking plates of any of the roofing materials fairly easily and quickly. Main materials used for roofing – metal and soft tile.

Once completed installation work on the construction of the house, install plastic windows with double glazing. All the subsequent stages of work can be performed independently of each other.

Plumbing is installed in frame houses on the same principle as an electrician. Route pipes within the house is in interior walls. Product might be warm floors – as electric and water. For ventilation, water supply and sanitation provision is a special shaft.

The choice of materials

Solid Foundation is the foundation of a lasting home. The depth of laying the foundation and material depend on the bearing capacity of soil, depth of freezing, the water table and the estimated load on the foundation. Frame house a few times lighter than brick, so it does not require massive foundation. It may be lightweight, with a depth of 30-40 cm of laying order for soil under the foundation does not freeze, use modern insulation (eg, rock wool insulating surface layer of soil). In addition, you can arrange malozaglublennye foundations on layered cushion (bottom to top layers – sand, non-woven material, granite rubble of a large fraction). All this greatly reduces labor costs and, consequently, the cost of the foundation.

In order to avoid wetting insulation and wooden frame fumes inside the house, and vapor control layer is provided. The panels are made in the factory and on site house only mounted. This work may carry a team of several people, with no need for expensive construction equipment.

For interior decoration – wood paneling, drywall, paneling, decorative wall coverings, tiles, wallpaper, paint. Since the frame houses are not subject to shrinkage, the finishing work can begin immediately after the completed installation of basic structures.

Modern materials are used in the manufacture of panels for the frame-panel houses, can significantly reduce the cost of the heating system. For thermal insulation is generally used rockwool slabs or special out of it. 150 mm layer of insulation ensures year-round comfort in central Russia – will keep heat inside in winter and cool in summer. For areas with harsh climates need more substantial protection, for example, more than 200 mm.

Today, construction of a private home is an expensive and time-consuming, so many simply refuse such plans, believing that their implementation is in principle impossible.

Frame construction technology is now one of the most popular for maloetazhek: since being built about 80% of homes around the world.

Construction Technology

There are various types of construction of frame houses. For example, the platform frame is the most common and convenient. Its principal feature – Floor construction. On the ceiling the floor (to the level of crude), which are collected in the first place, it is possible to assemble the frame walls, and it is also used as a base for mounting the wall panels.

After the Second World War greatly increased the flow of migrants to Canada and the U.S., it became necessary to provide them with housing.

House can be assembled from prefabricated panels (frame-panel technology).

In council and district Shchukino Guiza put them just before the fact: “Your homeowners houses decided to initiate repairs». Amazed Muscovites and the choices it has fallen on their homes – not worn, well-galvanized pipes. While completely around the buildings where the roof and flowing almost do not fall off the wall!

In which a couple of years’ a gift “from the officials must begin to crack.

However, officials successfully manage without the participation of the owner. With all the shortcomings, which reward close their eyes, “- grimly grinning Humeniuk. Punishment for rebellion was followed immediately: the “opposition” turn off heat. «It was in October 2009, – says Oleg. – Since we are warming ourselves heaters.” He is not even in Desaix, which seems like 25 years, exploited the building.

If this is a porches, what vytvoryat in apartments? Frightened by the prospect, part of the tenants tightly shut doors to communal services. Among them Suhoruchenkova family, just before the invasion has made them an expensive repair. Public utilities, with support from the police, even bursting into our door with a grinder ».

The story begins to resemble a detective. «Our houses only some 25 years, and when Moszhilinspektsiya monitored depreciation in 2007, then decided that it was from 14 to 18% – one of the wonders” test “of tenants.

For the renovation of the house will have to pay.

Overhaul soon cease to be a disaster, officials have promised: yet would return, he will hit our purses. Why pay Muscovites – for high-quality conversions or for past outrages, understood “MK “. – While residents are very poor housing, where the price of the question above, this load can not cope. «It was created without the consent of the owners, no meeting has not been,” – says Oleg Sukhoruchenkov. B Khoroshevskoye district court tenants expected victory: Registration of HOA was declared null and void (and this was one of the first victories of Muscovites over the “fake” the superintendent!) So, now no major repairs will not be firmly established in mind the winners. For major repairs of homes will have to pay the owners – on a monthly basis and necessarily, said guide housing Reform Fund. This bill will be submitted to the Duma in the autumn session. If accepted, the question for 15 years, major overhaul of the country will be solved, says deputy director Vladimir Talalykin Fund. Rub. What’s in this the amount of the share of regional and municipal budgets, and what – residents themselves to say no one has taken.

Black holes in the walls

Recently, the head of the Main Control Directorate Konstantin Chuichenko spoke to President Medvedev that much money go for the repair of houses. According to him, in the Central Federal District over the hill were withdrawn 25 billion rubles. So much so, that invented a treatment for Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin.

The first bells in the meantime already have. For example, according to numerous complaints from citizens Dorogomilovskaya Interdistrict Prosecutor’s Office conducted an audit of one of the GUP, serving 250 apartment buildings. The total amount of unjustified payments for accrued citizens maintenance, according to preliminary estimates, is about 1 billion rubles. In other words, the brickwork just hangs at any moment could fall down on the heads of passers-by. In addition, the contractor managed to analyze fire firewalls. «In general, after major repairs the roof of an apartment house is in disrepair, which can lead to its destruction and the collapse of the people”, – concluded the prosecutor’s office in the Oryol region. Now, according to the mayor’s office, half of the homes in need of overhaul. Well, that’s okay, promise is made more previous command officials. The most important and burning question: Do we now get for their money quality repairs?

How to escape from the corruption was presented the tender system of selecting a contractor. Still – the contractor must save: according to a State Duma deputy Galina Russia Khovanskaya, from 30 to 50% of the amount received from the state budget is spent on bribes. That is a guaranteed victory in the auction. And the people then living with for years and subquality other defects.

Tenants at the same time as if deliberately left out in the cold. Owner is not participating in the survey the state of the house – tehzaklyuchenie up without him. – A list of necessary work, it would seem, must approve the collection of tenants. But it is known as drawn up such bogus records! The owner is not involved in choosing a contractor. Same thing with home repairs. Do I need to clarify that and to control for capital repairs is practically the owner is not allowed? ”

- Push off from the proposed regional experience, and he failed, – said Vyacheslav Humeniuk. Corollary – failure of the work (in fact “hidden”, not the eye of prominent not verified), technological disturbances. Per month throughout the year. But this is still estimations. On average in Russia for overhaul owner pays 1920 rubles (that area of?? the apartment – 50 square meters. M) per year.

Check what is – even in the center of Moscow. Only Yakimanka during inspections revealed more than 40 fake, fraudulent HOA. Is it any wonder that the house on Academy Bochvar kapremontniki seized upon all the hands and feet!

Or do not at all.

One of the latest trends in kitchen fashion – a combination of wood trim and chrome-plated metal elements.

Good old tree is still in favor.

While connoisseurs of innovative design are in the delighted, more conservative consumers slightly alarmed: sturdy classic instances of lagging behind in performance.

Indeed, natural materials, compared with artificial at times is too many minuses. The tree is known to swell, deform and crack. Natural Stone too hygroscopic, it still traces of spilled liquids.

To protect the interests of the adherents of natural, eco-friendly materials, the furniture industry professionals trying to improve them. In some projects, brutal, monumental, almost entirely made of stone, kitchen side by side with futuristic seating, decent shooting in the science fiction blockbuster. In the other – steel, almost cosmic kitchen surfaces reflect the grandeur of the adjacent Gothic dining.

Passion for visual conciseness generated instances, where neither hand nor the eye does not catch hold. Too often the plane perfectly flat surfaces – the aesthetic design of the third millennium. E Cold inaccessibility of hi-tech kitchens can be contrasted with the open model, frankly rustic character. They clearly demonstrate a master’s flair by displaying utensils and kitchen stuff.

More kitchen space is given to metal surfaces.

Cult of kitchen space did not appear suddenly, and not yesterday.

The most popular models of so-called modern classics, “livable”, always ready to join in a common design decision and become almost indistinguishable from the living room, dining room or other spaces adjacent house. Some factories offer a palette of three hundred shades and textures of the set – as usual, smooth as a mirror, shiny or with unusual visual effects – with a pearl glitter or similar to chapped skin. Of course, such a wide selection allows you to build a kitchen environment in the range of colors, perfect harmony with the interior as a whole.

By the way, technology, painting furniture panels are comparable to painting a car – and the quality of raw materials, and methods of paint application is very similar. So, in terms of functionality and durability of luxury kitchen facades with enamel does not concede to its metal counterparts.

He noted that thanks to the Fund will be simplified procedure for separating the sections of this population: “We have more than 4800 young scientists working in the fields of innovation, many of whom are considering leaving abroad. One of the factors that can keep them – to create conditions for the acquisition of housing. while noting that it was not for dependents, these people are willing to buy housing on their own, just need to create conditions under which, for them it would be possible ».

Working with financial institutions fund is in two directions: the development of schemes of project financing for builders and mortgage programs for consumers. «We produce the best sites, which have warmed the heart” – said the head of the Fund, assuring reporters that directly deal with the construction of the Fund does not intend to, but will continue to create optimal conditions for the development of the industry. Low-rise homes, most people perceive as second homes. low-rise building today actively develops not only in Moscow but also in other economically active regions. Foundation “RHD” a lot of money to invest in the development of municipal infrastructure. rubles to the settlements in the Bay of Patroclus and Labor.

One of the important factors causing attraction of low-rise suburban housing fund head considers necessary for the formation of a comfortable life environment. First of all, it is a social and transport infrastructure, from transport interchanges and car parks, finishing schools, kindergartens, hospitals and parks. For this purpose, the Foundation is spending huge funds from its own funds.

Since 2012

In projects implemented in areas of the Fund, the price of apartments and low-rise buildings below the average of 15% and 7 – 10% below the minimum price established Ministry of Regional Development. An example of the speaker led project to be implemented in the Moscow region Istra, where a new neighborhood being built “East”, in which apartments will be sold on the open market at an estimated 42-45 000 per square meter. m Furthermore, the use of energy-saving technologies in the construction allows for 30 – 40% reduction in the cost of utilities, creates a comfortable environment. First of all, the Foundation collaborates with the subjects of the Russian Federation, together providing a connection to utility networks, and interact with natural monopolies and financial institutions. A separate area of?? the Fund – is to provide developers access to a library of architectural design re- application. All these measures significantly reduce the price and accelerate the construction. Despite all the difficulties, in particular, the absence of a law on low-rise building, which unsuccessfully debated since 2007, the benefits of “maloetazhki” are obvious. B stage of development is a complex building 33 projects in 56 plots.



Now, according to the mayor’s office, half of the homes in need of overhaul. Well, that’s okay, promise is made more previous command officials. The most important and burning question: Do we now get for their money quality repairs?

Is it any wonder that the house on Academy Bochvar kapremontniki seized upon all the hands and feet!

Corollary – failure of the work (in fact “hidden”, not the eye of prominent not verified), technological disturbances. This, alas, a very popular scheme and in Moscow.

In the case of good luck to the scheme will extend to the whole capital. But this is still estimations. M) per year.

But other residents, meanwhile sue over defective overhaul (for example, one of the neighbors Suhoruchenkova warm, only four of the seven risers). So much so, that invented a treatment for Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin. On the repair of five houses had been allocated a considerable sum, he says, – 300 million rubles.

Among them Suhoruchenkova family, just before the invasion has made them an expensive repair. Public utilities, with support from the police, even bursting into our door with a grinder ». Recently, state-owned corporation said that the right to withdraw from the regions up to 105 billion rubles – for obvious inconsistencies in reporting. Is it the quality on it?

Together with other residents of five houses on the street Academic Bochvar Suhoruchenkova victims “gift horse” from the state – the official government overhaul. Why pay Muscovites – for high-quality conversions or for past outrages, understood “MK “.

Nightmare at its expense

The state has no plans to ever pull on your shoulders deteriorating from year to year housing. Rub. According to him, in the Central Federal District over the hill were withdrawn 25 billion rubles.

The first bells in the meantime already have. The total amount of unjustified payments for accrued citizens maintenance, according to preliminary estimates, is about 1 billion rubles.

However, officials successfully manage without the participation of the owner. In the acceptance of home involved a representative of the state of the engineering service. «People from Guiza – very often former employees DEZov. Well, there are former and current employee of death metal – and Acceptance is at home successfully. On the subject of poor housing for the Moscow mayor’s office recently prepared a report. This and legs grow cheap, poor-quality repairs. That is a guaranteed victory in the auction. And the people then living with for years and subquality other defects.

Tenants at the same time as if deliberately left out in the cold. Owner is not participating in the survey the state of the house – tehzaklyuchenie up without him. – A list of necessary work, it would seem, must approve the collection of tenants. So it turns out: I got married without me. Imagine, for example, your car takes a known and who do not understand how to repair. Do I need to clarify that and to control for capital repairs is practically the owner is not allowed? ”

Having studied the Housing Code, “experimental” came to the conclusion: we must prove the “fake” HOA. «It was created without the consent of the owners, no meeting has not been,” – says Oleg Sukhoruchenkov.

Elusive ‘benefactors’

Two years ago, fell to overhaul the tenants out of the blue.

Suhoruchenkova went on principle – upheld the apartment. Punishment for rebellion was followed immediately: the “opposition” turn off heat. – Since we are warming ourselves heaters.” This family mockingly put up heating bills. Lawsuits filed Suhoruchenkova to DES “Shchukino” and overhaul the Department of the Northwest district, yet not led to nothing. « Lost “and a model project at home.

And the right to load on purses, “co-financed” at home sometimes threaten people’s lives. According to the expert, in the process repair of the roof was dismantled brick masonry parapet, and the remaining part is now “in an unstable position». In other words, the brickwork just hangs at any moment could fall down on the heads of passers-by.

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