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Aluminum radiators combine beneficial in their work both ways of heat transfer: convection, and how, and how the radiation. Significantly, that at its highest efficiency, they also cost effective and easier for all amenable to adjustment of thermostatic valves. Without purpose aluminum radiators have been developed by the Italians – the most sophisticated experts in the field of design.

In the bimetallic radiator OGINT Model M Series steel tubes are installed in both vertical and horizontal collectors, which completely eliminates contact with aluminum coolant. But he has a high rate of heat transfer and modern design, contributing to the high efficiency of the device.

In Russian latitudes heat in the house, not only of modern standards of living, along with plumbing, electricity and sanitation. In at least six months in Russia, heat – that’s life. And the struggle for warmth in our homes – is not just creating a comfortable environment, but also the struggle for life! Therefore, the main requirement for radiators – reliability.

Not for nothing with the invention of a new unit – radiator, or, as they said, the heating battery – its presence in the house was a sign of innovation in the field of engineering systems, a symbol of wealth and success of the homeowner. Up to now there are batteries installed in Tsarskoe Selo, the summer residence of Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich. The word “battery” has a military artillery roots and means the amalgamation of several similar items into a single unit, and radiator – to connect the individual sections. The word caught on and is still in use in colloquial speech. Heating battery was invented here in Russia, in the middle of the XIX century, a Russian citizen, a German of Italian origin Franz San Galli Karlovich. In 2005, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the invention, the battery on the building entrance of the Samara state district power station a bronze sculpture – a cat lying on the windowsill above the radiator.

Water heating systems since its inception has been steadily supplanted the traditional stove heating in urban areas due to their greater adaptability to high-rise urban development. In droves installed cast-iron radiators, basic design of which are still preserved. In the early XX century cast iron radiators, cast a massive, often with elements of art castings. The name “radiator” is derived from the Latin radio – emit. In modern engineering terminology the word “radiator” finally replaced the “battery ».

Main amount of heat transferred to the convector using no heat radiation from the surface, like a cast iron radiator, and with the physical phenomena of convection, where warm air rises up and the cold goes down.

Y formed holding partnerships with leading manufacturers of modern radiators.

Of course, when you create a brand OGINT be ignored and the transformation of the Russian market radiators in the XXI century.

It is believed that one of the first property is aluminum radiator began to use the Italian Gaetano Gruppioni in the middle of the XX century in Italy. This idea was soon recognized throughout the world, and the technology was used, and other manufacturers.

At the end of the last century, it became possible to import code heaters from abroad, in Russia, represented by all the different radiators and convectors from international experience of their production. Initially, most manufacturers offered their instruments “as is” and without revision under our heating system. A features and differences in our systems, of course, there is. And they can not be ignored.

For example, when running the heating system is crimping – the control system pressure.

Easy Setup

Installers fixed profile along the perimeter of the room at a height which is determined by the designers (the minimum distance from the tension ceiling to the base – 2.5-4 cm, the maximum depends on whether you want to do multi-level ceiling, installing lights for a stretch ceiling or under it, and so on ). Canvas stretched ceiling is hung in the corners of the room, heated, and, pulling, is charged with a baguette.

Reflecting the light, creating a mirror effect, lacquered ceiling visually expands the space

By the way, the suspended ceiling is almost ideal for new homes, which tend to “sit down” and “walk”: plaster, gypsum board in this case, the risk of cracking. The film will be such as it was. Only restriction for suspended ceilings – temperature. At too high temperatures (+45 ° C) over-stretched canvas can, but at low temperatures (from -10 ° C) becomes brittle. Therefore it is better to refrain from installing suspended ceilings in an unheated room or sauna.

From matt to mirror

If you want to experiment a bit – you have pastel palette.

But this riot of colors awaits those who choose to brave decisions. The range of companies – up to 200 shades of lacquer suspended ceilings.

Suede, marble every whim…

In addition to the rich palette and variations on the theme “matt / varnish,” the producers of PVC film for suspended ceilings offer a variety of textures. Here and imitation precious stones (eg marble, lapis lazuli), and a real chamois leather (suede surface is really in touch, but repels dust as well as lacquered ceiling), and beloved by the people “metallic” – reflecting the light, but not gives a mirror effect, and the ceiling-a chameleon that changes color in different lighting conditions. Matt translucent “opal” is ideal for ceiling mounting fixtures zapotolochnyh.


More frills and moods, so, naturally, the more time it takes to process and approval sketch.??


Manufacturing companies offer a guarantee of 10 years, but in fact these ceilings can serve much longer – so their value must be divided in all these years.

The cost of a stretch ceiling price effect of the film itself and the level of difficulty of installation (if a lot of corners in the room, whether the objects that need to “bypass” – such as columns, using a complex form). «Satin ‘film is more expensive – about 40 rubles. Per 1 sq. Km. M (cost, of course, the same). Lacquer ceiling would cost about twice as expensive frosted, “Chameleon,” “Marble” and other delicacies – in half. Photo printing adds to the cost of 1 sq. Km. M from 3600 to 5800 rubles. However, complex textures, as well as print, do not generally apply to the entire ceiling area, as well as an insert. Special technology allows the most bizarre form of ceilings

The special status of suspended ceilings due to the very technology of their manufacture and installation: ceilings are thin but durable PVC film stretched on a special frame (in other words – the profile or molding), which is attached to the walls around the perimeter of the room or – more rarely – to basic ceiling. Base ceiling is not involved in creating the interior, but because of its quality and appearance presented to the minimum requirements. It is a film that tells a stretch ceiling those 10 differences, which are discussed below.

Not afraid of almost nothing

For any other ceiling careless neighbors who have forgotten to close the tap – a deadly threat. But what will happen to the film from a few buckets of water? Set correctly and quality suspended ceiling can withstand up to 150 liters per 1 sq. Km. M. Under the weight of the water film is only stretched, forming a kind of bubble. Arrived experts carefully dismantled the edge of a stretch ceiling or use a technological hole (under the lamp, chandelier, etc.) and merge into the water, prosushat cloth and reinstall it in a baguette.

Prefab homes are easy to build and live in almost any climate zone. Them are the following characteristics:

Ease of carrying and protecting structures allows to build houses on malozaglublennyh and lighter foundations.

Rapid construction: finished basement finish box under elevated for 3-4 days.

Sustainability: Frame-panel houses are the most environmentally safe.

Factory assembled (in the case of frame-panel building) allows for great accuracy. This facilitates the assembly and holding of painting and decorating.

Construction of a frame house at any time, without loss of quality.

As for the disadvantages of a frame house, they all dealt mainly with quality materials and are now virtually eliminated. For example, used earlier flammable insulation could create a fire hazard, and caking of soft insulation eventually led to the appearance of voids, unprotected areas.

As for the environmental, suffice it to say that stone wool is made from natural stone – natural rock and stone wool known Danish company ROCKWOOL became Russia’s first insulating and will not only get all the required certificates, but also a sign of ecological safety EsoMaterial Green.

We can use traditional materials and – roofing iron, etc. Internal partitions in the house can be assembled from the same material as the exterior panels (thickness of slightly less than the exterior).

The choice of materials

The depth of laying the foundation and material depend on the bearing capacity of soil, depth of freezing, the water table and the estimated load on the foundation. Frame house a few times lighter than brick, so it does not require massive foundation.

Construction Technology

On the ceiling the floor (to the level of crude), which are collected in the first place, it is possible to assemble the frame walls, and it is also used as a base for mounting the wall panels. After assembly and installation of walls installed on top of them overlapping: the next floor or floor, or attic. In this case, the sizes of all structural elements are rather compact and can be collected outside the building site (for example, at the factory) and bring to a place already prepared. Installation process is accelerated at times, since such items are in this case may include utilities.

After the Second World War greatly increased the flow of migrants to Canada and the U.S., it became necessary to provide them with housing.

So the buildings constructed on frame technology, called “Canadian”, but it is in this case, the method of construction, rather than on territorial jurisdiction. Base frame house is a skeleton of dry wood on the outside it is sheathed with non-combustible cement particle board, from the inside wall is filled with fire-resistant basalt wool.

Frame construction technology is now one of the most popular for maloetazhek: since being built about 80% of homes around the world.

In order to avoid wetting insulation and wooden frame fumes inside the house, and vapor control layer is provided.

Today, construction of a private home is an expensive and time-consuming, so many simply refuse such plans, believing that their implementation is in principle impossible.

Construction of the house begins to consolidate on the foundations of a wooden beam, which had previously been treated with antiseptic. This bar is also a strapping circuit necessary for installation of panels. Timber attached to the foundation with anchor bolts.

Next panel mounted, they are interconnected locks “thorn-groove”.

Floor slabs laid on the foundation, are flat, solid platform. Between wall panels and floor panels must leave a gap (this is done to compensate for temperature fluctuations). Compound used “thorn-groove” -??is the same as in the wall panels. It provides a tight connection mounting elements.

The first wall panel is installed on a level surface with a tolerance of no more than 1-1.5 mm. Connection of the second corner panel with the first one-anodized screws screws, joint must also be sealed. Wall panels have the exact size, it makes it possible to build houses with minimal tolerances.

As the interior walls of the house can be used either panel of the same material as the outer pane (the thickness is less), or standard wall. The design of the walls allows for virtually any type of interior finish. Interior walls, for example, can be finished with cement particle board, plasterboard. Finishing of floor covering can be of any type. Ceilings and walls can be painted clapboard, wallpaper, etc.

Floor slabs are stacked on already established and tie the timbers of the first floor wall panels. Consolidation is performed with screws. Then set bar “mauerlat” on the sides, which will build the rafters. These sites, such as gables, manufactured at the plant, with ready-made window and door openings.

Construction of the roof are collected by conventional methods. Smooth surface allows for stacking plates of any of the roofing materials fairly easily and quickly.

Construction of engineering networks in a frame-fabricated house is also not difficult. Wires and cables are laid inside the frame walls. To this end, the walls are provided mounting, junction and distribution boxes and special channels for the wires. You can lay out all forms of communication. Plumbing is installed in frame houses on the same principle as an electrician. If you have insulated basement water and sewer pipes can also be fixed to the floor joists. Route pipes within the house is in interior walls.

A distinctive feature of frame-panel houses are special insulating panel. They have a low weight, high strength, and most importantly – low thermal conductivity. Modern materials are used in the manufacture of panels for the frame-panel houses, can significantly reduce the cost of the heating system. For areas with harsh climates need more substantial protection, for example, more than 200 mm.

A list of materials for finishing the frame house is big enough. The interior of a frame house from the outside can be used stucco exterior, facade, siding, tiles and other materials. In general, the technology of building frame houses provides for a perfectly flat surface for high-quality interior trim. Since the frame houses are not subject to shrinkage, the finishing work can begin immediately after the completed installation of basic structures.

Projects of houses and cottages

Catalogue of finished projects of houses is not frozen forever in an architectural manner, the work does not stop for a minute, weekly in our online store there are more and more new designs of the houses and cottages. The main task set for our internet shop – to give the potential owner of the cottage possibility of choosing the maximum number of ready-made architectural projects, to advise him on key issues help to determine the reliable construction company that will be able to bring the construction to completion. So, if you’re still in search of creative projects at home, often linked to our website, get acquainted with the architecture of the new cottages. In the left menu you can subscribe to the newsletter, on which you will receive information about newly posted projects.

Brick House

Houses of brick have a high degree of protection from fire, low exposure to atmospheric influences. In addition, these homes are not affected by biological factors. Houses of brick have a high structural strength and durability. Use to build houses of bricks of different forms, colors can create a truly real architectural masterpieces, regardless of the destination house under construction. We offer you a draft of brick houses, houses of any complexity. You can choose a ready-made design a brick house or order an individual project brick house.

Regardless of the type, low-rise suburban building distinguished by the number of floors.

In the private house building is used mainly single-storey and two storey buildings.

Construction of a three-story single-family homes economically unjustified. In addition, under certain conditions, under the house or building basement basement.

One-storey bungalow houses are the most simple type of low-rise suburban development. Number of rooms in the one-story house is rarely more than four, since more of them are long and tortuous corridors complicate the relationship space, as well as increasing the perimeter of the basement and roof area. In addition, for a large single-storey holiday home is hard to find logs of appropriate length, and architecture of these buildings often reminiscent of the barracks.

Two-story suburban home might be a complete and incomplete buildings. A significant advantage of two-storey houses is their compactness, since the same part of space can save considerable floor space of the earth. This Architectural reception reduces the cost of low-rise suburban development and allows you to organize a clear division of the premises on the day and night areas.

Q warmth of his home stood before the man from the Stone Age and has reached our days, without losing its relevance. We are becoming increasingly demanding in their home.

Let’s start with the main question that we often hear: “Why insulate the wall? She’s thick enough ».

Here are our main arguments:

Steadily rising energy prices are forcing increasing the budget for the maintenance of housing.

Try to understand what technology to better insulate the house to be comfortable in it at any time of year, regardless of local climate, in this case, that he had a flawless appearance and served for many years without repair.

There are several options for thermal insulation of buildings.

Heater is mounted on the outside wall.

Insulation outside the wall – Ideal for all types of buildings.

The outer insulation of the freezing point is in the thickness of the insulating material and the wall does not freeze, so – is not subject to the ravages of the environment. The heat losses are minimal. External heating system is suitable as well for the new facilities of modern construction and for renovation of old buildings. Insulation is located inside the wall.

Insulation located inside the premises.

Reduced internal volume of space.

External heating system is ideal for thermal insulation of apartment buildings, as well as for warming a small private cottage.

To date, the market offers quite a few specialized insulation materials for outdoor insulation of houses, so you can choose a heater at any taste.

When construction work is most often used alkyd enamel.??

Water-dispersion paints – compositions, the main link component of which is film-forming aqueous dispersion of polymer (styrene-acrylate, styrene butadiene, polyvinyl acetate). When the paint dries on the surface a durable coating, resistant to water and many organic solvents.

Today, in addition to the traditional “dry finish” apartments (drywall, wallpaper, ceilings, etc. The new settlers used finish “wet” means carrying out painting and plastering work. But only at first glance it seems that it is easy to paint the walls. In the present variety of building paints and varnishes, even the choice of a suitable material is a problem. How to make sense of this diversity and to choose the best option? Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to do it without much difficulty

Modern painting – is a complex multicomponent structure. It includes a film former (ie, a substance through which the substrate is formed colorful film), the pigments responsible for color and opacity coatings, fillers, solvents, and various Supplements – thickeners, dryers, etc.. End product properties are defined as the quality of each component and level of technology up their own paints. Speaking of “quality”, we mean not only a purely aesthetic or decorative characteristics of paints.

If necessary, the composition of the paint include biocides, preservatives material from the harmful effects of microorganisms, mold and fungi.

As a film-forming substance or, in other words, the binder used in paints, alkyd resins (alkyd enamel), vegetable oils and varnishes based on them (oil paints), potassium water glass (silicate bonding), the aqueous dispersions of polymers (dispersion paints).

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Most modern paints are thixotropic paint. In the normal state they are a gel substance that is stirring, as well as at the time of application to the surface for a short time becomes a liquid.

Buyer’s opinion

You know, I can well afford to buy expensive paint, but this last year when he made repairs, for some reason went and bought one that easier. I look, like, two cans of the same volume and the price of one three times. But as it turned out, nothing I have not saved: one cheap, I had to paint the surface in five layers to achieve the desired effect, and the road would be enough to guarantee at two repairs. In general, now understood not to have to look liters, and the square footage coverage that these same liters can “provide».

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«Make-up” for your home

But the owners of suburban property in the facade of the building (stone or wood ) strongly advise you not to neglect the use of paint, and possibly better.

Advice “LS”

- By itself, water-resistant paint does not provide absolute protection from moisture. Therefore, we recommend using a set of “related” materials, in particular, vlagoizolyator as a primer and water-resistant putty. – Buy primer, putty, putty and paint finish in one shop, otherwise there is a possibility the acquisition of incompatible materials, and therefore you lose on reshaping time and money. The last two criteria at first glance seem mutually exclusive, but actually it is not so. High-quality exterior paint to pass water vapor from inside the wall outside, but do not let water from outside to inside wall.

Interior to be painted

Therefore, for any interior work (painting of walls, floors, ceilings and so on. Alkyd and oil paints are used in small quantities: for finishing of wooden window frames, doors, and metal pipes and radiators.

For painting large areas it is recommended to use water-soluble dye dispersion. After drying such compositions, typically for chaspoltora (for comparison, oil and alkyd paints dry some day). The spectrum of waterborne paints is quite broad. A for painting walls and ceilings in wet areas, experts advise using a water-dispersion paints based on acrylic copolymers. Just do not forget mark in the notebook of the catalog name and number of the selected color. It is not excluded that in the future will have to tint the surface, and get exactly the same shade “by eye” is quite difficult. Sale today can also be found insecticidal, bactericidal and fungicidal paint, designed specifically to kill and deter insects and resist pathogens organisms and allergens.

«Colorful” market

Today in St. Petersburg, you can buy a lot of paint materials – both domestic and imported. In addition, in the shops of our city by the French company meets production Alpa, British ICI (brand Dulux), Turkish and Betec Sentapol and so on. A international group Akzo Nobel has built factory in Russia, “Akzo Nobel Decor”, which produces paint under the brand names of “Maestro” and Sadolin.

Many domestic companies are also engaged in the manufacture of paints.

The cost of building a house

In this memo, we will try to answer the question how much can cost house construction. Let’s go on back and show a real example, how many can not build a house cost in 2011

As an example, we will design the house of concrete blocks AR 176-37. We believe that we do not know the exact dimensions of the materials, design elements and focus on the data that is on the site.

Quality construction country house (wood frame)

Given the holidays, delays, weather conditions are likely during construction will be 4 months. Given that the construction team will be involved of 5 persons. Current indicators on vacancies and offers construction companies indicate that the minimum wage low-skilled labor force is not less than 25 000 rubles / month. Even assuming that you build a house these malokvalifitsirpovannye builders (which we you really do not recommend), the budget amount of wages not less than 500, 000 rubles. This is a competent companion receives no less than 60, 000 rubles from the site – it is 240 000 rubles to the fund payment. This is a very simple scheme Sabbath-order. Even with this scheme we find that the cost of construction will be 740, 000 rubles. To be honest, that will build these comrades will not be home in the conventional sense of the word, but it is not important in this article.

We see that the total cost of construction of aerated concrete box house on the draft AR 176-37, taking into account materials and labor will be: 2. 8344 million rubles. Thus, the construction cost of 1 sq.m. Boxes are not the most complex home with the assistance of the most primitive of labor would be 16 105 rubles / sq.m. The total area.

Conclusion: The cost of building a box at home from aerated concrete project AR 176-37 can not cost less than 16, 000 rubles / sqm. A priori.

And the cost of construction quality boxes at home will be at least 18, 000 rubles per 1 sq. M.

So why very often in sentences construction companies, we see the numbers 11000-12000 euro / sq.m. The figure below 11 000 USD / sq.m. We do not want to even comment, it’s just unreal.

What is the developer can win, saving the construction budget? In the general segment of the popular house plans, projects such trace amounts, so these homes do not have a practical implementation.

Dreams Come True

And, as always at the beginning of each construction season, we have prepared a short memo to the private builder, who hopefully will help them build their country home with minimal problems.

Building a house on an individual project

To sum up: the cost of working set of drawings of individual project home area of?? 200 sq.m. With sections of AP + CR + IP is not less than 288 000 rubles in 2011 prices. That is 1 sq.m. Is not less than 1440 rubles – this is a real minimum price the full set of drawings of the individual project at home with all the necessary partitions.

And if you get a 200 – 300 rubles / sq.m. Set of drawings of the 20 sheets, do not be surprised, there are no miracles, you got exactly what it’s worth the money. This complete an individual project at home has several albums of drawings, and includes at least 150 -200 sheets of drawings.

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