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The article discusses problems and peculiarities of acoustic space, as well as sound insulation device in an apartment on a “room in the room».

Everyone who has tried to solve the problem of soundproofing your apartment, it is well known, it is not enough to buy a sound-insulating material of the wall and oblitsevat. To protect against loud music, penetrating from the adjacent apartments, better soundproofing material oblitsevat wall with a neighbor, and not with his hand.

Acoustic device

Device “room to room,” starts from the ceiling. Usually mount one panel (the size of 1200 x 800 mm) required 12-15 screws.

Strengthen panels to the walls can be either wooden crates or directly to the wall. In the second case, the level of sound insulation slightly lower, but saving usable area.

After cutting soundproof panels PhoneStar the cut should be a special seal with duct tape Wolf Type.

During installation care should be taken to remain between the panels do not crack (small silicone can then be fluff).

When the whole room is lined with panels, the seams between them glued with a special tape Wolf Type, supplied with the panels, and then proceed to finishing.

The only thing you should pay special attention when working with panels PhoneStar, layering them. Part of the mineral filler panels in the form of pellets can be partially sleep after cutting. Therefore, place the cut is necessary to protect the tape.

Modern sound insulation should be not only reliable but also environmentally friendly.

There are two ways out of this situation. The most economical and efficient – to try to persuade neighbors to install sound insulation from them (dividing them or even taking care of all expenses.) And if you do not get – to make repairs in his apartment on a “room in the room».

Zvukaizolyatsionnye PhoneStar panel easy to use.

Because when you create a “room to room,” the most reasonable use rigid panels. The finest hard cover from currently available on the Russian market – is PhoneStar, produced by German company “Wolf Bavaria». They are equally effective against both air (Rw = 36 dB) and shock (Lnw = 33 dB) noise.

Room to room

Silence within them makes an indelible impression. In the room where there are windows and doors, to achieve the same effect is more complicated and Yet, if the sound-insulating material mounted on the floor, walls and ceiling, the level of protection from external noise will be quite high.

Quality construction country house (wood frame)

Build Time boxes at home on the draft AR 176-37 will be at least 3 months. Given that the construction team will be involved of 5 persons. This is a competent companion receives no less than 60, 000 rubles from the site – it is 240 000 rubles to the fund payment. This is a very simple scheme Sabbath-order.

We see that the total cost of construction of aerated concrete box house on the draft AR 176-37, taking into account materials and labor will be: 2. 8344 million rubles. Thus, the construction cost of 1 sq.m. Boxes are not the most complex home with the assistance of the most primitive of labor would be 16 105 rubles / sq.m. The total area.

Conclusion: The cost of building a box at home from aerated concrete project AR 176-37 can not cost less than 16, 000 rubles / sqm. A priori.

And the cost of construction quality boxes at home will be at least 18, 000 rubles per 1 sq. M.

Here is 12, 000 rubles and above – this is a publicity stunt or a particular building or particular house.

Illiterate and unskilled construction of a house – all paid for the customer

Device lite design foundation, the minimum number of load-bearing walls, simple shapes and roof of the house, simple plan – all of which can reduce the cost of building a country house by 30%. In the general segment of the popular house plans, projects such trace amounts, so these homes do not have a practical implementation.

Analysis of demand of houses shows that good quality and construction of town houses may be carried out at the offer price of 15, 000 rubles / sqm. This is the real minimum price of building a box house of bricks, aerated concrete and foam concrete blocks in 2011


Let’s start with the foundation and basis for reinforced concrete ribbon take solid foundation with a depth of burial 1m65 see every one of us knows the formula for calculating area and volume, and more, in principle, nothing else. Tape length 87 we have approximately m belt width 400 mm., The soles of 500 mm. The volume of solid work will be not less than 63 cubic meters For the device strip foundation we need sand, gravel, wooden decking, insulation, fittings and haywire.

Walls and partitions in the house

The roof of the house

Wooden elements of roof systems, purlin, kontrobreshetki 15 cbm

Total costs of materials for device insulated with mansard roof will be finishing coating metal tile – 385000 rubles.


In the project home two floors (basement and first floor). The volume of solid work approx 50 cubic meters will be You will need to formwork, reinforcement, waterproofing, concrete, reinforcement, inserts, expanded polystyrene.

Total costs of materials for devices of two monolithic slabs will be – no less than 350 000 rubles.

Ring anchors and reinforcing belt

Same as that of a monolithic slabs, bearings, valves, concrete formwork. The volume of solid work on this project will amount to approximately 12 cubic meters

The cost of materials needed to build a box house on the draft AR 176-37

Foundation walls + roof + = 1 904 000 rubles

And we get very similar to the real figure: 2. 0944 million rubles for the construction cost of the materials box home on the draft AR 176-37.

Quality and cost of building a house. Estimates of construction and the real cost of building a country house.

The quality of construction work

Quality of construction has always been a burning issue, which is particularly exacerbated when this activity began to engage people without special training. Changed the appearance and customer The developer.

In the end, in addition to moral damages and the customer is considerable material losses.

But even this whole system of control can not prevent accidents, defects and defects in construction. Known that more than half of the detected flaws and violations of the permit performers, about one-third due to poor quality construction materials and structures, 5% – errors and errors in the draft. And only 10% – for objective reasons.

What can we say about the uncontrolled “samostroy” country houses with the help of hired laborers or young construction firms, have neither the experience nor the base or even an experienced specialist. The purpose of these companies – to keep up with the short construction season run as much as possible construction. Strength and reliability of their homes not care. There is a contradiction of interests of the parties.

Not only does it by talking about finances and everything begins. Experience has shown that their costs often reach the amount in excess of the required one and a half twice.

Work to ensure quality construction, just like any other, requires a cost. The message is clear: the private customer – the consumer of construction services – requires a system of legal and technical support. Construction lawyer’s fee is negligible compared with the value of saving.

Estimates and actual construction costs at home

Estimates calculated in gosrastsenkah 1984-1991 gg. Or MTSN 81-98 with correction factors. This database was created for a large industrial building and completely unsuitable for private housing. In addition, the estimated regulations 1984-1991 gg. Obsolete, as it does not take into account new technologies, materials and products, instruments and mechanisms.

By the old rules was estimated project organization.

Calculating the cost of building a house, with aggregate

This method is most often used small and medium-sized construction firms, or more skilled teams.

A detailed estimate of construction costs at home

This is the most promising option, since the form of estimates is understandable and accessible to the customer. If there is an opportunity to make payments for work actually performed.

Select a model project at home

Buying a model project in the online store ready-made designs of houses do not recommend you focus your attention on the cost of the project documentation. First of all, you do not buy potatoes at the market, and project your future home, looking for their own benefit in 3000-4000 rubles without regard for other criteria (layout and facade solutions used building materials, etc.) you are doing very lightly. Secondly, there are many Internet scams that steal intellectual property of others (and any model project – is its author, to whom belong all rights to it) and implement it in an extremely truncated or incomplete kit, which is bad both for the builders, and for the developer. Since the legal and financial liability for copyright infringement will be personally it.

Sliding design

Technical capabilities of today’s sliding mechanism allows to cover openings of up to 6 meters in width.

Interior glass gives individuality, not dividing it, and leaving a single entity.

In the trend – haytekovskom door designs, painted in bright juicy, even a “synthetic” colors.

Types of treatment

New Market – special hardware that allows a door 100% transparency.

Engraving creates a contour image with lines of varying depth and width, whose faces are polished.

Recently popular doors, made of laminated glass technology. The design consists of two sheets of glass and more, glued together by a transparent laminating film or a liquid. O

It is hard to imagine a modern residential interior without windows. This is one of the most ancient materials, invented by man, is used today in virtually all elements of decoration. In particular, in recent years have become very popular to use the glass doors – beautiful and original solution for a variety of styles.


Attractiveness of interior doors made of glass lies primarily in the unique design characteristics that allow data to enter the design in almost any modern concept. But most of all glass doors are purchased for the interior in the style of hi-tech and minimalist, which create a feeling of light, light and air space.

Frameless models are made of tempered glass with thickness of 8-12 mm. However, there are limitations in size.

Installation and operation

Thanks to modern technology the glass doors have acquired the status of safe, and are now widely used even in children.

C ene door will depend on the choice of fittings for glass constructions (hidden or visible) as well as on the chosen method of treating glass cloth.

«Smart” windows

Mechanisms for manual control of the customer cost is cheaper, but in use they are not as convenient as electric. Last shutters allow to manage with a switch or remote control.

Combination options that involve duplication of automation manual, more suited to the cottages. This safety net is justified, given that the electricity in the country sometimes there are interruptions. There are also special sensors, which in the case of strong wind, or, say, the rain, “inform” about the bad weather electric drive, and he closes the shutters, protecting your windows from dust and water. And if, say, the sun will shine too bright, intelligent sensor, “dispose” a little lower a little slats that master of the house is comfortable.

There is a so-called anti-theft accessories. Window, equipped with standard accessories, opened a professional with little or no traces of tampering.

K static, electric roller system is often associated with fire detectors. At operation of a sensor rollers are lifted, giving way to people and letting the smoke.

Free the system from the ice can be, doing light strokes on a canvas roller blinds with a soft object outside or inside.

Buying Shutters (even the most solid – steel or aluminum seamless), you must understand that their role is primarily to ensure that scare the attacker, to make him change his mind to go into your home. And if he still climbs, to create the maximum amount of his problems as noise, grind, etc. But, nevertheless, shutters – is not an iron door. Therefore, mechanical means of protection, which include shutters, it is desirable to add alarms, CCTV systems etc. Especially if the house is really there to steal.

Tricks Installation

Ways fixing roller, there are three: bill, built and combined. The first is most vulnerable from a security standpoint. Therefore, it is usually chosen if the house is already built and there is no possibility of a “wall up” shutters on the wall. N pu invoice installation of shutters, as it were “framed” the gap – the guides are mounted on both sides of the opening, and box mounted on it. Overlay assembly is desirable to carry out before facing facade. In this case, you can even decorate box and hide the guides (in urban apartment buildings that, unfortunately, is impossible).

Modern window protects us from the dust, noise, dust and drafts. But, unfortunately, it is not always able to protect the house from evil people – simply put, thieves and robbers.

Shutters – the traditional method of protecting windows cottages

Do not forget one thing: if you close these bars absolutely all window openings in case of fire, the tenants at risk of being cut off from the path of salvation. Therefore, it is desirable to install at least one swing bars, locked to an internal lock. In an emergency, it will be a window through an emergency evacuation. Just make sure that the key to the castle was always next to the window, look for it in an emergency will not have time.

Elite and imported shutters differ careful manufacture, use galvanized, durable polyester powder-coated hinges on bearings, using the lock and latch design special.

Window protection is as important as protecting the front door

Grilles are different

Y good masters the process of making protective and decorative design is not limited flexibility. They use the equipment for stamping and forging machine, which helps diversify the design of many standard items such as rings, whorls, the peak woven squares and stripes. Forged elements make the grid pattern is much more interesting and varied. The highest level of art demonstrate master of the free forgings, which are made by hand, each element of the lattice window.

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