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Many manufacturers produce glass doors and partitions, using glass in combination with aluminum profiles. Advantages of this technology in terms of use, lies in the fact that aluminum is very light, so no heavier glass door. Special mechanisms ensure smooth movement and quiet gliding.

Attractiveness of interior doors made of glass lies primarily in the unique design characteristics that allow data to enter the design in almost any modern concept.

One of the latest trends – installation of glass doors without a frame or a frame, when all attention is focused on finishing the glass cloth.

Installation and operation

Thanks to modern technology the glass doors have acquired the status of safe, and are now widely used even in children.

C ene door will depend on the choice of fittings for glass constructions (hidden or visible) as well as on the chosen method of treating glass cloth. Sliding design

Technical capabilities of today’s sliding mechanism allows to cover openings of up to 6 meters in width.

Recently popular doors, made of laminated glass technology. The design consists of two sheets of glass and more, glued together by a transparent laminating film or a liquid. O Triplex provides tremendous opportunities for the design imagination that transforms a collection of doors into works of art.

Often, customers have a desire to diversify the interior with additional visual accents: for example, put on the door leaf unusual pattern or geometric pattern. In this case, you should pay attention to the time-tested and still very popular technologies – engraving and sandblasting method.

Types of treatment

It is hard to imagine a modern residential interior without windows. This is one of the most ancient materials, invented by man, is used today in virtually all elements of decoration. In particular, in recent years have become very popular to use the glass doors – beautiful and original solution for a variety of styles.

Quality and cost of building a house. Estimates of construction and the real cost of building a country house.

The quality of construction work

Building a country house – a complex process that requires professional performers. Quality of construction has always been a burning issue, which is particularly exacerbated when this activity began to engage people without special training. Changed the appearance and customer The developer.

In the end, in addition to moral damages and the customer is considerable material losses.

Known that more than half of the detected flaws and violations of the permit performers, about one-third due to poor quality construction materials and structures, 5% – errors and errors in the draft. And only 10% – for objective reasons.

What can we say about the uncontrolled “samostroy” country houses with the help of hired laborers or young construction firms, have neither the experience nor the base or even an experienced specialist.

In the discussion of the cost of the upcoming construction of the house the main emphasis is not on the types and volumes of work, their organization and technology, and money. Not only does it by talking about finances and everything begins. Experience has shown that their costs often reach the amount in excess of the required one and a half twice.

The Civil Code provides for art. 749, which regulates the participation of engineers in the implementation of rights and obligations of owner-builder. This specialist may be invited by the customer or at the time of construction, or for the acceptance of individual stages of work, as well as to resolve disputes between the contractor and the contractor as a construction lawyer. Construction lawyer’s fee is negligible compared with the value of saving.

Quality construction country house (wood frame)

Now we gradually gets to the very basic question, what is the actual construction cost of 1 sq.m. Home.

Given the holidays, delays, weather conditions are likely during construction will be 4 months. Current indicators on vacancies and offers construction companies indicate that the minimum wage low-skilled labor force is not less than 25 000 rubles / month. But these low-skilled fellow who has to manage and control that they still build something resembling a house. This is a competent companion receives no less than 60, 000 rubles from the site – it is 240 000 rubles to the fund payment. This is a very simple scheme Sabbath-order.

Thus, the construction cost of 1 sq.m. Boxes are not the most complex home with the assistance of the most primitive of labor would be 16 105 rubles / sq.m. The total area.

And the cost of construction quality boxes at home will be at least 18, 000 rubles per 1 sq. M.

Here is 12, 000 rubles and above – this is a publicity stunt or a particular building or particular house.

Illiterate and unskilled construction of a house – all paid for the customer

Device lite design foundation, the minimum number of load-bearing walls, simple shapes and roof of the house, simple plan – all of which can reduce the cost of building a country house by 30%. In the general segment of the popular house plans, projects such trace amounts, so these homes do not have a practical implementation.

Analysis of demand of houses shows that good quality and construction of town houses may be carried out at the offer price of 15, 000 rubles / sqm.

Too understated the cost of building the house more often to indicate:

- The use of low-skilled labor,

- The use of poor quality and substandard building materials,

- Manipulating with construction cost estimates, contractor’s desire to further dilute the developer with the money

- Violations of building codes and construction methods of houses.

Custom designing a country house

So spend a little analysis on the topic “so, how much can really be a qualitative development of individual project at home?” For individual design is not that simple. The price range for the services of architects in the Moscow region starts from 500 rubles / sqm and reaches up to 2000 euro / sq.m. Which of them is closer to the real price. And it depends on what you mean by the individual project at home. It all depends on what is included in the design documentation of the individual project at home.

First we need to agree on the size of the house, floor plans, facade design solutions. To work through these issues takes at least two – three weeks. Next comes the development of assemblies, circuits, assembly and load calculation on bearing elements of construction at home. This phase of work is at least 1 month and to address these problems involve a specialist designer. Further information is all project documentation in the general drawings and tables with all the necessary specifications. Assume that participated in the drafting of two professional architect and designer.

Select a model project at home

Buying a model project in the online store ready-made designs of houses do not recommend you focus your attention on the cost of the project documentation. First of all, you do not buy potatoes at the market, and project your future home, looking for their own benefit in 3000-4000 rubles without regard for other criteria (layout and facade solutions used building materials, etc.) you are doing very lightly. Secondly, there are many Internet scams that steal intellectual property of others (and any model project – is its author, to whom belong all rights to it) and implement it in an extremely truncated or incomplete kit, which is bad both for the builders, and for the developer.

Today I would like to dwell on that part of the floor, which is hidden from our eyes under the floor covering.


In some rooms: a bedroom, nursery, bathroom is not superfluous to the floor heating arrangement.

Of the primary screed is laid across the floor area, respectively, a special electrical cable or conduit connected to the system, hot water, and is already above the final screed.

Electrical flooring came from Europe, from the same ship and special cables. This is now removed: electromagnetic radiation of modern cable minimum and no adverse effects.

Water Heated floor, in this sense, more economical: how much do you pay for hot water, and many will pay more. Pipeline for water sex can be made of galvanized steel or copper tubing. However, it is best to use a solid metal-plastic pipe. In-piece metal-piping floor heating from a disaster You will be insured for 100 percent. Buckle

Lay before you tie the concrete slab surface is cleaned of dust and dirt. Perfectly clean concrete is impossible, so the surface is primed binders.

The technology laying flooring special secrets. For fixing parquet, laminate and ceramic tiles, there are special adhesives and mastics. Note the particular importance of drying screed for laying parquet. If you need to do tiling mezhplitochny seam width of at least 1 mm. A successful selection of such a joint hue only emphasize the beauty of the picture tiles.

This is, in general, the conventional technology prevailing at laying the floor today, but recently the market has a new material developed by German experts, who can make a small revolution – dry screed.

Slabs are stacked on each other overlap to overlap all joints and ensure the necessary rigidity.

Main purpose of the ties – even surface on which the plank floor. In the current manufacturing techniques for decades, plates, serving the bases for floors in production houses, made smooth with only one hand – one that would be downstream ceiling apartment. Even the layman is clear that this surface quality can lay no cover.

After this, the screed is applied waterproofing coating, and top – sheets of moisture-resistant plywood, thickness 10-12 mm.

This floor dries much faster than conventional clamps (approximately 10-15 days). Excellent floor of this made him very popular.

But the conscientious foreman repair firms often offer you more complex, combined version. Do this it to improve the heat, noise, and water-proofing quality sex.

In this embodiment, the primary screed – a concrete mixture, put a second layer of European self-leveling compounds. On a dual screed applied waterproofing of rubber or asphalt mastic, and it naturally plywood. On the plywood, in turn, laid flooring, laminate or carpet. (For ceramic tile plywood, of course, does not need ). This floor will cost considerably more expensive, but it has performance characteristics will be much higher.

The article discusses problems and peculiarities of acoustic space, as well as sound insulation device in an apartment on a “room in the room».

Zvukaizolyatsionnye PhoneStar panel easy to use.

Because when you create a “room to room,” the most reasonable use rigid panels. With a thickness of only 12 mm panel PhoneStar best for soundproofing walls, ceilings and floors. They are equally effective against both air (Rw = 36 dB) and shock (Lnw = 33 dB) noise.

Modern sound insulation should be not only reliable but also environmentally friendly.

Room to room

Manufacturers of acoustic insulation materials often exhibit the effect of “room to room” for example, cabins made of noise absorbing materials.

Everyone who has tried to solve the problem of soundproofing your apartment, it is well known, it is not enough to buy a sound-insulating material of the wall and oblitsevat.

Acoustic device

The process of attaching the panels to the ceiling requires that the ceiling was made wooden or metal crate, which carries the sound absorbing panels with screws with large head. Usually mount one panel (the size of 1200 x 800 mm) required 12-15 screws.

Soundproofing the floor with panels PhoneStar also not be easy, it is important only to the floor was originally a flat and had no abrupt changes in altitude.

During installation care should be taken to remain between the panels do not crack (small silicone can then be fluff).

When the whole room is lined with panels, the seams between them glued with a special tape Wolf Type, supplied with the panels, and then proceed to finishing. Soundproofing materials can oblitsevat drywall, plaster, or if the thickness of the insulation has a value, just putty irregularities and covered with wallpaper.

The only thing you should pay special attention when working with panels PhoneStar, layering them. Part of the mineral filler panels in the form of pellets can be partially sleep after cutting. Therefore, place the cut is necessary to protect the tape.

A unified method of construction reduces costs. The idea of?? unification is the main parts of a skeleton and their compounds. With their help, we can apply an infinite number of solutions in the design of the home. Standardized parts are standard sizes and dimensions adjusted to each other.

Unification of the frame and joints is reasonable, since in a wooden house frame is not visible from the outside. So it makes sense to do it as the most economically, and therefore the funds intended for construction, can be more efficiently spent on housing equipment, such as decoration, furniture, etc. Due to the fact that construction is “layers”, the use of scaffolding is not required at any stage of development. They are needed only when the skin of the facade and high buildings.

The advantages of the construction method.

The use of the “Platform” makes construction quick and easy. Connections are made simply with nails and wood do not make any cuts and nicks. Performed at the factory of the frame do not require much additional processing.

During the construction process does not require heavy lifting equipment as part of the frame are small and lightweight. Foot roof can also be lifted with the aid of simple means of lifting. The need to use lifting equipment also reduces sound vrezultate folding and delivery of materials to the construction site.

Due to the fact that construction is “layers”, the use of scaffolding is not required at any stage of development. They are needed only when the skin of the facade and high buildings.

Prefab homes have the following advantages:

Low cost due to lower labor costs, implementation period, as well as unique technologies.

Construction without the use of heavy construction equipment and large groups of workers

Building on this technology allows for a variety of complex architectural designs based on customer requirements.

Quick return on investment by reducing costs for heating and air conditioning. The house, built on such technology, the annual electricity consumption for heating and cooling to 6 times lower than consumption in the brick house the relevant area, where energy consumption is estimated at 250-300 in kWh/m2. Year.

Environmentally friendly materials used in construction;

Excellent insulation

The rapid pace of construction, which are calculated for weeks or even days;

The absence of “wet” processes, thus avoiding condensation;

Home from a bar

The house is built of laminated veneer lumber fast enough, due to the fact that all the grooves and cups on the bars are made at the factory, on specialized equipment, there is no need for highly skilled assemblers. Assembled house is immediately ready to install windows and doors, as the wall material does not require exposure to shrink.

Due to the fact that the geometry of the wall beam during operation varies slightly, there is no need to caulk the grooves periodically, as in-house from a single timber, and therefore there is no danger of cutting the slits.

Over time, to accelerate and simplify the construction of log homes have been set up machines that will automatically attach the log perfectly cylindrical shape, select the slots and cup timber for coupling with each other. This technology has been fairly common, but now the number of houses being built of logs is reduced (as a percentage of the total number of new construction). This is due to the fact that the drawbacks of solid wood in a house made of logs are more visible than in the house, chopped from a single log. The only advantage of logs – the appearance of neatness.

In order to eliminate the disadvantages of solid wood, walls are made of laminated veneer lumber.

Construction technology of wooden houses from whole logs, perhaps, is the oldest and currently most common in forest edges of our country. Over the centuries, its use is so developed, that is known to almost everyone. But time passes, the requirements for wooden houses are changed to the fore the qualities of the house, which in the past and did not come to mind, so the wooden log houses were gradually replaced by other types of homes. Detail the technology of building a log home is described in various literature seeking to examine the book offering Samoilov VS – “Building a wooden house.”

Laminated wall beams made of dry planed boards. All defects that affect the strength, durability and appearance of the wall beam, carved out of the board. In the manufacture of lumber, a special eco-friendly glue that keeps all the positive qualities of wood.

Wooden houses with walls made of solid wood – minced from whole logs from cylinder beams, made of solid timber, laminated veneer lumber from.

If the timber wall in front of the assembly was processed decorative and protective compounds, after the assembly house does not need additional treatment.

Wood and lower floor decks built from beams, slabs of black floor, which are fastened to the beams, and circular beams, which pass around the perimeter of the house. The system of beams and lower floor decks are basically the same. Differences in their structures depend primarily on the type of insulation of the lower floors. Beams and lower floor decks are always attached on top of supporting structure.

Prefab homes – the ease of construction, and amazing strength

On the one hand, the erection of timber frame houses from saving time and money, but on the other side of the tree has an enviable strength, regardless of the nature and direction of the load. Thus, houses built on this technology are much more reliable than many other homes. Another advantage of wood is a light weight, which affects in an emergency horizontal loads, such as earthquakes.

The principle of construction according to the “platform”.

Frame house on the system “platform” is going to every floor. Initially, the foundation is going to a wooden bottom floor. It serves as the working plane when building the walls of the first floor. They gather in a horizontal position in ready-made blocks, which are then raised, supported and fastened in place.

After installing the wall on which are stacked beam floors, which are laying a slab subfloor. Thus, a new work plane on which the walls are going to the second floor. In the one-story house rests upper floors are installed immediately after installation of the walls.

After the construction of the frame following the construction phase is the construction of the outer roof and the exterior sheathing or cladding. Also installed windows and doors. After the erection of the frame mounted pipes and channels for engineering equipment. After that, the frame is installed insulation and sheathing, and then begin furnishing and decorating.

What is “Platform”?

System “platform” is a wooden frame house with a load-bearing walls. The name “Platform” shows the method of construction. The house is built every floor, while the lower floor and Interfloor are both working the planes on which the walls of the floors are going in a horizontal position and then mounted vertically.

Q warmth of his home stood before the man from the Stone Age and has reached our days, without losing its relevance. We are becoming increasingly demanding in their home.

Here are our main arguments:

Walls freeze – freezing point is inside the building envelope.

There are several options for thermal insulation of buildings.

Heater is mounted on the outside wall.

The outer insulation of the freezing point is in the thickness of the insulating material and the wall does not freeze, so – is not subject to the ravages of the environment. Cladding accumulates (stores) the heat. The heat losses are minimal. Due to the wide possible technical solutions, decorative plasters and paints the properties of the facade can be given an individual look. External heating system is suitable as well for the new facilities of modern construction and for renovation of old buildings. Insulation inside the walls – this is an option for already constructed buildings.

This is an expensive option due to the high insulation value and high cost of face brick foundation, besides the facade would be too heavy. This is not an option for insulating existing buildings.

Insulation is located inside the wall.

Insulation located inside the premises.

Internal insulation limits heat loss, but does not prevent freezing of the walls. Reduced internal volume of space.

As the base of the wall surface fit of traditional materials, which are widely used in construction: Concrete

Tsementnostruzhechnye and chipboard Brick

Various types of plasters

External heating system is ideal for thermal insulation of apartment buildings, as well as for warming a small private cottage.

So, if you weigh all the pros and cons of each type of insulation, the construction market, many professionals recommend unequivocally external insulation system.

They are able to satisfy all of our requests for modern living: A comfortable climate all year round;

To date, the market offers quite a few specialized insulation materials for outdoor insulation of houses, so you can choose a heater at any taste.



Main structural part of the building are the walls.

Vertical wall is a fence that separates the room from the external environment or from another room.

In this article we consider the basic types of walls on the nature of the material – wood and stone.

Wooden wall

Desirable to harvest logs in the winter because the wood is less susceptible to rotting, warping during drying. Wood humidity should be 80-90%.

The design of the wooden walls of heated buildings are divided into log-out logs or timbers, frame, panel and frame panel. Note that the frame walls do not require massive foundations, as opposed to chopped, do not give poslepostroechnyh strain. Fire and major frame walls with brick cladding increases with.

D Their drawbacks are sedimentary deformation in the first 1.5-2 years and the low fire.

Frame walls

Frame walls require less wood than log or cobbled walls, are less labor intensive, therefore more economical.

To make the frame exterior and interior walls using 50 mm thick boards, as well as devices for rafters and beams. With a thickness of 50 mm rack bearing walls is recommended to use a minimum width of 100 mm.

Basement joists have overlapping at a distance of 0.5 m. The corner posts carry the frame of beams or composite boards, and the rank and file of the boards 50×100, 60×120 mm or.

Warming frame walls is carried out with mineral and organic materials with density up to 500-600 kg / m organic insulation exposed to the destruction of rodents, combustible, rot, except that, before backfilling they must be handled with antiseptic and mixed before use with a mineral binder – cement, lime, gypsum, and then lay in the wet state layers 15-20 cm, utrambovyvaya. It dries so filling in for 4-5 weeks, so you should fill the frame to apply ready-made slabs and blocks of lightweight concrete.

Shield Wall

Construction of wooden houses shield reduces the complexity of the work, provides rapid installation.

In the shield wooden houses foundation wall is made of wooden waistrail antiseptized bars, stacked on the plinth of the building and attached thereto by anchor bolts. To establish a stud wall panels. Top wall panels fasten them to be placed on top of rail, which supports the attic floor.

As the insulation panels are used mattresses from rockwool. By lining the inside of the shield is placed a vapor barrier to prevent formation of condensation of water vapor inside the shield, penetrate into it from the premises.

When the device ground and Extrusion nodes must be taken to protect them from freezing by constructing insulated basement and insulated from the cornice frieze zone, as well as moisture vapor from the indoor air moisture by having a vapor barrier for this purpose. Under the basement ceiling insulated underground is not do. Underground to be cool and well ventilated, and the construction of the underground floors and especially the basement unit must have a reliable insulation and vapor barriers, stacked on top of net floor under construction.

Stone walls

Homogeneous walls are made of ordinary or lightweight hollow construction bricks. In the heterogeneous, lightweight walls of brickwork replaced by thick walls with thermal insulation tiles and an air gap.

Walls erected a thickness of 1 / 2, 1, 11 / 2, 2, 21 / 2, 3 or more bricks, given the thickness of vertical joints, equal to 10 mm, brick walls have a thickness of respectively 120, 250, 380, 510, 640, 770 mm or more.

When the construction of the brick walls of masonry used two systems: two rows – and six-row chain Stretcher bond.

Stretcher bond

Masonry in six-row system is simpler than on two-lane.

Lightweight brick wall

Lightweight brick wall in which brick is partially relieved of his unusual insulating function by replacing the thermal conductivity of masonry materials, however, can significantly reduce the consumption of bricks, thereby increasing the cost of the material.

Lightweight brick walls are divided into 2 groups. The first group includes the design, consisting of two thin longitudinal brick walls, between which are placed insulating material, the second group consists of structures consisting of a brick wall, insulated thermal insulation boards.

Chopped log walls

Thickness of the logs in the upper section to the exterior walls of heated buildings, located in the central region of Russia is 22 cm in the northern and north- eastern regions of 24-26 cm diameter logs are choosing the same, the difference between the upper and lower cut no more than 3 cm

Crowns are placed alternately butt in different directions and connected by vertically along the length of the ridge, and the joints of the wall rims for height have vrazbezhku.

In the grooves between the crowns placed tow to seal the seam and insulation. Depending on climatic conditions the width of the groove take from 12 to 15 cm

Pavestone wall

Wall logs are gathered at the factory with all vrubkami for mates and nests for the thorns.

Section beams for exterior walls shall 150×150 mm and 180h180 mm. Depending on weather conditions, for interior walls – 100×150 mm 100h180 mm. Bars are placed on each other with a gasket between them and tow Smolenov prokonopachivaniem seams. For better drainage of water from the horizontal seam between the bars at the top edges of the front of timber chamfer 20×20 mm.

Series boards interconnected cylindrical pins with a diameter of 30 mm and 60 mm long, placing them at a distance of 1.5-2 m apart. Pair corner and abutting walls with dowels shown in Fig. 12 by studs 35×35 mm size and 35h25 mm.

Protecting cobbled walls

Effective protection cobbled walls from weathering is the planking or lining of brick, which protects walls from moisture, heat protection increases, reduces the effects of wind, at a brick wall covering fire increases.

Log walls and cobbled recommended bind or coat no sooner than 1-1.5 years after construction (after complete precipitation).

Brick walls with insulation of insulated panels

Trehpustotnye stones with large voids have dimensions 390h190h188 mm.

Crowning cornice

Inner ends of the concrete slabs cover the teams of the longitudinal reinforced concrete beams that are attached to masonry with it clamped steel anchors, with the help of which ensure the stability of the cornice.

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