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Tree is considered a new perspective in building sustainable structures. At the same time reveal its functional qualities. This is the preferred choice among a set of building materials to create a pleasant atmosphere inside the home of the future, which is associated with the ability to lower the humidity, and this in turn makes the air dry and less harmful to health. Our company mainly specializes in the construction of prefabricated wooden houses on Scandinavian technology. They used environmentally friendly building materials that are not harmful to humans and the environment. The basic material for insulation is cellulose wadding, which demonstrated its unquestionable advantages in the field of heat and sound insulation.

To finish the interior and exterior walls of frame houses using different materials. You decide how it will look your home, and what materials are best to use.

System “platform” is a wooden frame house with a load-bearing walls. The name “Platform” shows the method of construction. The house is built every floor, while the lower floor and Interfloor are both working the planes on which the walls of the floors are going in a horizontal position and then mounted vertically.

The system is particularly suitable for the construction of small individual wooden houses, but it is also used in the construction of sectional homes and homes in several floors.

Prefab homes have the following advantages:

Construction without the use of heavy construction equipment and large groups of workers

Environmentally friendly materials used in construction;

Quick return on investment by reducing costs for heating and air conditioning. The house, built on such technology, the annual electricity consumption for heating and cooling to 6 times lower than consumption in the brick house the relevant area, where energy consumption is estimated at 250-300 in kWh/m2. Year.

The rapid pace of construction, which are calculated for weeks or even days;

Excellent insulation

Building on this technology allows for a variety of complex architectural designs based on customer requirements.

The absence of “wet” processes, thus avoiding condensation;

Low cost due to lower labor costs, implementation period, as well as unique technologies.

The design of the upper floors can be a rafter or beam.

Select the project for a country house

Dream of the perfect country house may never become a reality if not in advance to attend to the preparation of relevant project documentation, which will fully reflect what you would like to see as their future home country.

The first question arising here – what kind of house design to prefer, the usual standard or individual? And one and the other options have their pros and cons.

Main advantage of an individual project, obviously, is its uniqueness. That is, if an architect came to the issue of good faith, after you have built a house that will be unique, at least from the outside. Another plus is the undisputed fact that the individual project can account for all or almost all of your wishes and special requirements. However, such an approach, of course, requires including additional and substantial financial costs. Also remember that the architect must be a true professional, because error made at the design stage, in the end not only will fully implement the project documentation, but can turn into more significant problems, for example, the general unreliability of the design.

Recommend standard designs can be another reason that there is a possible interim solution, when such project is the basis, and then it made local adjustments according to customer requirements. On the one hand, it avoids the significant time and financial losses, on the other – makes it possible to get the original country house, which is similar to several other buildings in only a few elements.

And another tip, which, as experience shows, is quite useful. If you have already decided on a total area of?? the future house, but hesitate at the expense of his one-story or be a two-story – choose the version with two floors. Apart from the fact that such an approach in most cases looks much more interesting, you also gains the ability at the same cost to get much more useful area of?? the building.

The advantages of screw-pile foundations

Screw pile foundations, despite the advantages, costs do not differ from the more traditional options. They are excellent in their way to areas with rough terrain and where the soil has a low bearing capacity.

This technology is relatively new, and like all new and differs from its predecessors most cost-effective and less time. Create a foundation for such a technology can be practically any building and on any type of soil – this will avoid the significant financial costs to the preliminary alignment and strengthening of the supporting layer of soil.

Itself screw pile is a steel pipe with sheet metal specific form, all together can resemble a large ice pick. These piles are literally screwed into the ground, and their length and depth, respectively, vary depending on the type of soil – thus, to create such a foundation can be anywhere. After completion of screwing piles concreted and further processed anticorrosive materials. This foundation is characterized by a high degree of load-carrying capacity, including through further compression of the surrounding soil at the time of screwing. Each pile can be screwed in at various depths, based on the requirements of soil, and it does not change the overall safety and soundness of the foundation.

More kitchen space is given to metal surfaces.

The idea underlying modern cuisine, wonderfully simple – nothing more.

Interest in this highly functional area home has grown proportionally the rate of technological progress and, more recently, keeping up a furious pace the introduction of high-tech innovations in life, achieved, it seems the apogee. The status of “inside out”, bordering on the position of utility room, all sunk into oblivion.

One of the latest trends in kitchen fashion – a combination of wood trim and chrome-plated metal elements.

Ratio of basic materials – wood, metal and stone – Kitchen conceptual question. Since the modern kitchen – this is primarily a surface. This sets the style of the material and, ultimately, determines longevity. Metal aggressively pushed the traditional materials, but they finally dislodge it unlikely. And it was not scratched, which are subject to metal surfaces, and not in the “fingers” that violate the ideal mirror (with this, just, learned to fight ). Good old tree is still in favor. Thanks to new technologies in the global furniture market there are wooden kitchen processed in such a way that the impression of metal. Designers have gone further, creating the model, which combines rough untreated wood and chrome expanse.

Explicitly stylistic discrepancy between the kitchen and living environment, of course, can be attributed to their favorite designers, the principle of contrast, but all too frequent repetition suggests that the exception became the rule. In some projects, brutal, monumental, almost entirely made of stone, kitchen side by side with futuristic seating, decent shooting in the science fiction blockbuster.

Interior shocking? No, persistent desire to emphasize the integrity and completeness of the object. Having achieved sovereignty, modern kitchen declares equality of rights between design and functionality, preventing any attempt to set priorities. She is alien to the compromises and imperfections in each of its component – the shape, material or technical equipment.

Some factories offer a palette of three hundred shades and textures of the set – as usual, smooth as a mirror, shiny or with unusual visual effects – with a pearl glitter or similar to chapped skin.

E right product, at a cost of catching up with Rolls-Royces, indeed perfection.

Among the most popular and current radiator in the Russian market are aluminum radiators. One of the remarkable qualities of aluminum – high thermal conductivity.

In Russian latitudes heat in the house, not only of modern standards of living, along with plumbing, electricity and sanitation.

Not for nothing with the invention of a new unit – radiator, or, as they said, the heating battery – its presence in the house was a sign of innovation in the field of engineering systems, a symbol of wealth and success of the homeowner. Heating battery was invented here in Russia, in the middle of the XIX century, a Russian citizen, a German of Italian origin Franz San Galli Karlovich. In 2005, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the invention, the battery on the building entrance of the Samara state district power station a bronze sculpture – a cat lying on the windowsill above the radiator.

In recent years the Russian market bimetal radiators have become increasingly popular due to its reliability and versatility. Bimetal radiator can be used in any heating systems, including those with podmesom coolant from the central network. Wide opportunities for design creativity can be realized and manufacturers to compete with aluminum radiators.

Initially, most manufacturers offered their instruments “as is” and without revision under our heating system. A features and differences in our systems, of course, there is. And they can not be ignored.

For example, when running the heating system is crimping – the control system pressure. Here, in contrast to most European countries, while pressing the heating system pressure can be higher than working in more than 1.5 times, and it is 15 atm – a very serious test!

Convectors were cheaper to produce than cast iron radiators, and were originally based on a principle of heat transfer. Main amount of heat transferred to the convector using no heat radiation from the surface, like a cast iron radiator, and with the physical phenomena of convection, where warm air rises up and the cold goes down. The phenomenon of convection and gave the name of the device. Convectors device is simple: on the tube, which moves on a hot coolant, worn numerous fins. Under the influence of convection, the cold air entering the bottom of the convector heat passing through the fins.

Of course, when you create a brand OGINT be ignored and the transformation of the Russian market radiators in the XXI century.

Monolithic foundation

Application of monolithic reinforced concrete foundations, load-bearing walls, floors, staircases, columns, is becoming increasingly popular technology of construction of buildings. A rigid frame, which is formed in solid construction, very durable. The main components that add structural strength and making it possible to withstand the necessary load, are: reinforcing the quality of concrete used, and maintaining the technology monolithic pouring. The use of different forms of formwork allows you to perform various configurations of reinforced concrete, according to the most sophisticated and special needs, fulfilling life in the architectural projects of any complexity. High-rise building is not only used in the construction of tall buildings, but also for private holiday homes.

Solid foundation slab

The main advantage over other foundations, is its ability to perform in areas with high water table and unstable soils, due to the small and large burial area of??support. This foundation is used for all types of homes and a variety of grounds, ranging from ready-light to heavy shield and stone houses. The only difference in the thickness of the slab, the reinforcement scheme and add ribs.

Pile foundation

Pile foundation has the advantage of building on unstable soils. This base is used mainly for large and heavy structures. To transfer the load from the building to the ground using a pile. The foundation consists of piles and grillage uniting them

Tape melkozaglublenny foundation is a concrete structure, which is the perimeter of the future house. The construction of this foundation is to create a trench, a sand cushion device, setting the formwork, reinforcement, pouring concrete.

Our Services – the construction of the basement or ground floor “turnkey”.

Our company provides comprehensive services for the construction of the basement or ground floor “turn-key”, which allow you to completely eliminate the problems of orders, delivery, installation and assembly of construction materials. The advantages of this construction are as flexible system of discounts provided by our company. We are always ready for the maximum bonus in your favor after a certain joint arrangements.

The foundation slab is monolithic – refers to the foundations of plate or melkozaglublennym nezaglublennym. Slab foundation for quality performance usually requires a very large amount of construction work.

The most common – is the foundation of ribbon used in the construction of virtually any building, including versions with very heavy walls. The foundation of wooden houses are usually buried shallow, but a stone house band must be recessed below the freezing depth.

Fundam home

Let us first examine in detail what this pier foundation tees.

Does it make sense extension at the bottom of the column? In my opinion – no. Bearing capacity of clay soil – 3-5 kg/cm2. Ie without the pile at the bottom with a diameter of 20-25 cm has an area of??approx. 400 cm2 and is capable of carrying the load of 1500 kg. Pile with the expansion of the bottom 50 cm in diameter have to be capable of carrying 6, 000 lbs. It would seem that there is a win, and even quadruple! And the piles can be drilled home less often and to build more.

At a forum on construction as a serious dispute broke out, the alleged advantages of the columnar yew foundation. Tees – is a company that produces special excavation drills that make the bottom of the hole a special cone extension.

This is expected to expand on the one hand increases the area of?? bearing pier foundation (overcut 2-fold increase in the reference area 4 times). On the other hand, in the case of heaving soils, like clay, this extension serves as a anchor, the anchor that prevents the expulsion of the column of soil and slope.

There is another attempt to “conquer” nature and to establish their own order on it. Occupation, in my opinion, it is not productive, and sooner or later doomed to failure.

Now consider the case with a belt melkozaglublennym foundation. Per unit length is the same, but will cross 0.4 x 0.5 meters. (That would fit into the same 7.6 cubic meters of concrete). Footprint is (40 cm x 3400 cm) = 136. 000 cm2! At times more!

Accordingly, the ground pressure is lower. Even if the house is stone and will weigh approx. 150 tons (which is the maximum for the pier foundation), in the case of belt pressure will be only 1 kg/cm2! Around this pressure has on the ground walking man. With more than 5 times lower than the critical load-bearing capacity of soil. Ground did not even feel that it put the house. And in the case of columnar base are calculated on the brink of a foul. There is much to ponder.

This would be true if no need to make a powerful grillage connecting these piles together in one rigid structure. And the more savings on stilts, the greater must be this grillage.

It will cost so much cheaper in the basement bar graph. Carrying the same power as it is an order of magnitude greater.

It now remains to solve the problem of heaving soils and protect them from our wonderful band melkozaglublenny such a foundation.

This is done by constructing high-quality drainage of the foundation. After the trench for the foundation is ready, you should drill a few drainage holes at the maximum depth of not less than the depth of frost penetration. The distance between holes 2-3 meters. Down-hole drain and fill a large clean gravel or crushed stone. Instead, the pipe can be used “stocking” of a nonwoven material negniyuschego such agrila, fiberglass, polypropylene.

After the concrete hardens, the outside of the foundation is dug to a depth of transheyka narrow gravel to pour the foundation for the tape. This transheyku just fall asleep with rubble. Top arrange blind area to the width of 0.5 – 1 meter.

So we made a crushed stone trap for ground thawing and rain water, trying to saturate the moisture adjacent to the foundation soil. Any water immediately gets into a zone of rubble, trickle down and be drained. A dry soil is not puchit during cold weather, the foundation is always surrounded by a dry rubble.

Should we conclude from this that the pier foundation does not make sense? Of course not.

But if there is work to gain the columns and placing grillage – it is better not to spend the time and money, and go directly to the strip footing.




The most modern way to deal with snow and ice are the anti-icing system on the basis of heating cables, which are divided into resistive and self-regulating. Resistive Cables evenly warms the entire length, having the same temperature for different parts of the roof.

Even using modern means of protecting the roof from ice periodically may need personal intervention of the owners of the house in the process of cleaning the roof. The fact that exposure to heat from the roof, it forms a thin crust of ice – in an effort to remove it using the tools, you can scratch the polymer coating of metal.

Even if you climb to the roof once a year, the roof must be absolutely secure. Perhaps we should take care to install additional safety features – special fasteners, catwalks and snegozaderzhateley etc. These options are usually available at complex ordering of the roof together with installation from one contractor.

According to existing regulations gutters on the buildings should be located approximately every 12-16 meters, and the size of the gutters should depend on the area of?? the roof.

In the standing seam roofing, trapezoidal sheet, asphalt shingles and metal roofing new coating can be installed directly on top. It is only necessary to check the status of supporting structures, the layer ventilation and install a new crate for fixing roofing sheets. If you’re dealing with asbestos roof, it must first be removed, and by checking the reliability of the supporting structures, install metal roofing on new crate.

Best way to prepare for that time in advance: if the process of care for the roof will not require much effort, and the occupants do not have to always wait for a “raid” on top of icicles.

Icicles often occur because the heat passing through the poorly insulated cover, snow warms up and it begins to melt. To solve this problem, you can use roll or bulk goods. On the attic floor insulation is laid on the outer wall, overlapping the vertical walls are insulated layer. In carrying out such work must necessarily take into account ventilation. Natural ventilation is provided by special openings under the eaves and ridge and dormers and gables on the slopes of the roofs.

In general, the concept of order in a complex “plus roof assembly” is completely justified. First, just so you can be sure of the compatibility of all components. Second, it allows you to count on a substantial discount, saving or on the roof, or in the installation. This contracting company is obliged to provide a guarantee, and often provide the maintenance of the roof.

Wooden houses

The special position occupied by the projects of wooden houses. House of environmentally friendly materials recaptures honorary position, not only among fans of old country recreation, but also among people who care about their health all year round. Cylindering, wall beams, lots of glued wood products that have emerged in recent years, provide a good opportunity to build a wooden cottage, of comfort is not conceding a stone.

The economic component and the issues of prestige are not as important when choosing a project at home. The spread of the project area – is great. At present it houses 40 to 1300 m2 total area. Some of them can be attributed to summer cottages, while the others, boldly ranked as excellent examples of palace architecture. Of course, the average size projects are the most complete and reflect all trends in contemporary cottage construction.

Ecopan projects

In this category are also available ready-designed home on the technology ECOPAN. Insulated panels allow you to build quickly Ecopan vozvoditmye home of almost any shape and save significantly on construction.

Below are the designs of brick houses that meet your criteria. There are projects of small brick houses, brick houses and medium-sized house – giants, which can be called is not home, and lock. Also among the projects of brick houses can be found at home of different styles. We hope that our wide range of houses have you seek and you will be able to choose our project of your future home.

D projects of Finnish homes

Construction of cottages and construction of suburban summer homes is now becoming increasingly popular.

After all this clean air, and the ability to equip the surrounding area at your leisure. After the draft floor house – this is the first step toward cleaner air, and the possibility to equip the surrounding area at your leisure. Today, the suburbs of large cities is actively built, the construction of houses and the construction of suburban summer homes is constant. Modern detached bungalow – complicated and expensive construction, which allows to combine comfort comfortable city apartment with the charm of the natural environment Typical House Projects

Almost all house designs are unique and only a small number of cottages were designed as model, as in a broad sense, designs of detached houses in the directory can not be called typical projects, since they were developed by individual design directly to the needs of future owners of country houses. More than 95% of projects implemented in the construction industry. Most of the projects implemented repeatedly, as in the Moscow region and throughout the Russian Federation, CIS. House plans can be seen “in full size” in almost every cottage near the capital and major cities around the country, the same goes for point-to-date building in starodachnyh places. High quality design documentation, compliance projects uneasy Russian climate, traditional designs and types of building materials produced in the former Soviet Union, has earned well-deserved attention not only from private developers cottages, but also in construction companies involved in construction of cottages, the building market investors.

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