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The article discusses problems and peculiarities of acoustic space, as well as sound insulation device in an apartment on a “room in the room».

Acoustic device

Device “room to room,” starts from the ceiling. Panel PhoneStar heavy enough, one sheet weighs 17 kg, so it is better to mount a helper.

After cutting soundproof panels PhoneStar the cut should be a special seal with duct tape Wolf Type.

If the mount is made of panels to the wall, it is better to use special plugs, which are offered by the manufacturer. Made of special plastic, they do not create a “sound bridges».

During installation care should be taken to remain between the panels do not crack (small silicone can then be fluff).

When the whole room is lined with panels, the seams between them glued with a special tape Wolf Type, supplied with the panels, and then proceed to finishing. Soundproofing materials can oblitsevat drywall, plaster, or if the thickness of the insulation has a value, just putty irregularities and covered with wallpaper. Trail on the floor laminate, parquet or linoleum.

Zvukaizolyatsionnye PhoneStar panel easy to use.

The finest hard cover from currently available on the Russian market – is PhoneStar, produced by German company “Wolf Bavaria». They are equally effective against both air (Rw = 36 dB) and shock (Lnw = 33 dB) noise.

The complexity of the struggle with external noise in multi-storey buildings due to other and more serious factor. To protect against loud music, penetrating from the adjacent apartments, better soundproofing material oblitsevat wall with a neighbor, and not with his hand.

Modern sound insulation should be not only reliable but also environmentally friendly.

The reason is that the sound from the source, reaching the walls and floors, begins to spread inside building structures. Therefore, a soundproof wall or ceiling, all problems are solved. There are two ways out of this situation.

Room to room

Manufacturers of acoustic insulation materials often exhibit the effect of “room to room” for example, cabins made of noise absorbing materials. Silence within them makes an indelible impression.

Application of dye spray formulations is still not very common technique in conducting internal and external finishing works.

Before painting a better test spray on a piece of paper – it will help you determine how hard spraying and find the best distance and angle. Then you can apply a little paint on a hidden part of the subject – or the wrong side of the corner – to see how the paint lies on the surface of your choice.

Paint in several layers – this is much more effective than applying one thick layer, because it allows more even paint over the surface and to avoid any leakage. The best option you can consider painting two or three thin, overlapping each other layer – it is better if You will apply them in different directions: one layer from right to left, the other – from the top down, etc. Make sure the paint is applied evenly without too pale or densely-stained sections. If you applied the paint with spray gun, airbrush or another tool with interchangeable parts – need to clean the nozzles, nozzles, hoses and other parts of the paint, because it Drying may be damaged. Object surface be coated must be cleaned of any dirt and dust, wood and metal objects should also cover the primer. This is necessary in order to paint a better lie down and / or taken the necessary texture.

There Airless spray dyes, for example, electrostatic spraying, or spraying high pressure.

Apply the paint fast, but smooth movements from side to side, in any case do not stop and let the stream to concentrate at one point. Paint used in aerosol cans and air brush – much less dense than ordinary paints, intended for application by brush or roller, so spray it too thick layer quickly formed drops flowing down and breaking the uniformity of color. If you use an aerosol – periodically shake it to mix the paint.

To date, the most common is the aerial spraying technology: separation of paint on fine particles using compressed air pressure (at least – another gas). The simplest example of an air gun – air brush, which is a tank equipped with a paging system and spraying.

When using sprays and aerosols must use appropriate protective equipment – respirators and masks.

When construction work is most often used alkyd enamel.

Different types of enamel paints have different initial viscosity. Up to desired consistency (the so-called “masking” viscosity) of their adjusted with solvents.

Oil paints are quite rare today. Used in their manufacture using natural oils and varnishes. At the present time in order to save manufacturers often use the so-called economic varnish, which, of course, affects the properties of the coating.

Today, in addition to the traditional “dry finish” apartments (drywall, wallpaper, ceilings, etc. The new settlers used finish “wet” means carrying out painting and plastering work. But only at first glance it seems that it is easy to paint the walls.

For the consumer, the most important thing here is that water-based paints contain virtually no organic solvents and are environmentally friendly.

End product properties are defined as the quality of each component and level of technology up their own paints.

Silicate paints (based on liquid glass) are applied to the plaster or on surfaces previously painted with inorganic coloring compositions (limestone, silica, cement). Please note that the natural silicate paints are very sensitive to temperature and humidity at the time of color but coverage of them differ enviable climate stability.

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The range of contemporary architectural paints are the undisputed leader koleruemye acrylic paints. The number of services including specialist advice, recommendations concerning the application of various coating systems, branded suggestions on the technology and techniques of painting, as well as the initial design study of a form, for example, special maps and tables Kolerov compatibility of colors. These proposals will assist in the selection of finishes for exterior and interior work.

Buyer’s opinion

I look, like, two cans of the same volume and the price of one three times. In general, now understood not to have to look liters, and the square footage coverage that these same liters can “provide».

«Colorful” market

Today in St. Petersburg, you can buy a lot of paint materials – both domestic and imported. Among the most famous foreign manufacturers – the Finnish company Tikkurila, Scandinavian Sadolin, Beckers, German Dufa, Caparol and others, the Dutch Sigma Coatings. For example, the Russian subsidiary Tikkurila Group produces paints “Finncolor” and “Evrofasad” using in their production mostly imported components. «Make-up” for your home

Making repairs in the apartment, we can, in principle, do without the paints: on the floor lay linoleum, wall to paste wallpaper, ceiling, eventually, to whiten. But the owners of suburban property in the facade of the building (stone or wood ) strongly advise you not to neglect the use of paint, and possibly better. This will help keep the walls of the house in good condition for long-long years.

Advice “LS”

- By itself, water-resistant paint does not provide absolute protection from moisture. The last two criteria at first glance seem mutually exclusive, but actually it is not so.

Interior to be painted

As you might guess, the paint used indoors, there are increased requirements in terms of environmental safety. Therefore, for any interior work (painting of walls, floors, ceilings and so on. Alkyd and oil paints are used in small quantities: for finishing of wooden window frames, doors, and metal pipes and radiators.

For painting large areas it is recommended to use water-soluble dye dispersion. Modern manufacturing methods enable us to obtain an environmentally friendly material, no toxic substances (as opposed to other types of paints, where the binding base is diluted with an organic solvent).

Water-dispersion paints a truly indispensable for the newcomer, seeking to hurry away with repairs. After drying such compositions, typically for chaspoltora (for comparison, oil and alkyd paints dry some day). Just do not forget mark in the notebook of the catalog name and number of the selected color. It is not excluded that in the future will have to tint the surface, and get exactly the same shade “by eye” is quite difficult. Sale today can also be found insecticidal, bactericidal and fungicidal paint, designed specifically to kill and deter insects and resist pathogens organisms and allergens.

These include, for example, the company “Tex”, “Yaroslavl Paints”, “Kotovsky LKZ” “prospectors”, “Pink paint”, “Lakra” and so on.

Natural wood

Parquet board and the array can be used in the kitchen, especially if combined with other functional areas – the living room or dining room – and it is assumed that the hosts will be here to spend a lot of time. Experts recommend that all same sex work zone (70-80 cm from the boundaries of kitchen units) to cover the stone or tile. Natural wood exudes natural warmth, so the system “warm floor” is probably not necessary.

Also for the kitchen facilities is desirable to increase the number of layers of lacquer to five.

Ceramic tile and porcelain

Ceramic tile and granite in the lead when it comes to decorating the kitchen floor. It has to clean up the kitchen more often, and indeed the cooking process (steam, high temperature, etc.). Does not exclude a certain influence on the floor covering.

In the collections of many factories there is granite with simulated wood flooring, that allows you to create the illusion of living area, but the care of the floor is still going to be easy.

To visually zonirovat space and achieve a certain artistic effect, the designers combine different floors, one of the most popular options – combination of ceramic tiles (kitchen area) and flooring (in the dining room area ).

Wood-polymer composites

In resemblance with natural wood, articles made of wood-polymer composites are strong and durable, do not rot, and the effect of moisture and temperature extremes, nonflammable and environmentally safe. Therefore, flooring and cladding panels of the KDP, for example, the Italian brand «WOODN», can be an alternative to usual covering of wood or tile in the kitchen area, as well as in toilets and bathrooms…

In the kitchen space, all finishing materials increased demands. Special attention is paid to the drafting of kitchen flooring choice, which should have high strength, wear resistance and at the same time integrate harmoniously in the interior design concept.


Risk factors for this choice – the relative fragility of the material (on average – up to 10 years) and susceptibility to water. Ends meet – his weak spot, so when laying manufacturers strongly recommend that lubricate joints interlocks with special sealants.

The main advantage of laminated flooring is its cost – from 250-300 rubles. Per square meter. For the kitchen area should give preference to laminate with the highest degree of durability – 32-33 class.

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