The modern interior – be it apartment, cottage or any other premises – is unthinkable without the textile design. That brings the fabric into the surrounding atmosphere is warm and cozy. And as a window decoration in the regeneration of the apartment to take almost the most prestigious role, curtains – the final touch to the overall picture of the interior. However, realizing the need to “dress up” their windows, we are faced with so many terms, options, colors and accessories that one might wish to give up on everything by hand. Still, let’s try to figure out what’s what.

And in London, Rome

You can certainly stay on the classic combination of two different types of panels – thin, completely closing the window, and tight framing him. This song successfully complete the curtain, and hand grabs. However, variants of decoration of windows there are many more. Your choice will depend on the general perception of the interior. Thus, the lightness and airiness to it will give perekidy organza, silk or cotton. Looks nice combination of two different color fabrics. Somewhat unusual, but very elegant tulle looks at the background of curtain fabrics.

I want to add flavor to the interior? Pay attention to lifting the curtains. There is plenty to choose from: the French, or, as they are called blinds, Austrian, with their soft gathers, London and Rome – all of them will protect your living environment and from the sun and from prying eyes. And of course, decorate.

Roman blinds are economical because they require half as much material than for conventional curtains (but time-consuming process of their creation). Raised the curtains fully open the window and the room gets plenty of light during the day. They are often combined with elegant curtains, especially if the radiator is located directly under the window, and then only at night lowered the blinds.

including tips on caring for curtains and upholstery

If curtains need to be washed frequently, choose those that are made of solid, sturdy fabrics such as cotton, with a tight weave, which can withstand frequent washing. To prevent shrinkage, the fabric should be soaked prior to making curtains or make allowances for shrinkage after first wash so they can be released.
Make sure you have thoroughly rinsed the curtains and they had no detergents. Chemicals can react to the sun, and the curtains fade or burn out.
Iron the curtains moist, steaming and ironing as retain their shape. Try not to iron over the seams, spend on them just the tip of the iron. If you still need to iron the seam, lay the shade under a piece of fabric between the seam and the underlying tissue to scar is not formed.
Curtains are always clean, if they are regularly aired. To do this, click on a windy day, wide open and let the curtains sway in the wind for several hours. The smell of dust, which eventually appears in the lining, will disappear. Sufficient to carry out this procedure once every few weeks, and the curtains will always be fresh. Although, of course, in the city to make it not very easy.
Regular dusting is very important – house dust particles eats the fabric, and removing them is difficult, often impossible. Clean all soft furnishings and interior elements of a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, paying particular attention to the inside of the covers for chairs, folds and fringe. For gentle care for delicate fabrics and lambrequins put on the brush cover with a rubber band.

expert opinion
Hope Selivanova
project manager design studio “Olivato”
The main advantage of Roman blinds – versatility. A wide variety of tissues makes it possible to use them in any interior: it does not matter whether you are in it-the-art or classical style, in a city apartment or country home. A mount Roman blinds to the eaves with Velcro allows quick and easy to remove them for cleaning, and thus save time.

On the windows of irregular shape, such as arches, roof, or triangular, the most elegant pleated curtains will look – modern and comfortable, but rarely used in the Russian interior. Their continued advantage – in the assembled state, they take up very little space and high quality and great variety of colors allow you to draw exceptionally stylish interiors. Pleated blinds can be made of synthetic fabrics with a special water-and anti-dust-impregnated, through which the curtains are easy to clean and practically do not burn.

expert opinion
Catherine Barmenkova
General Director of “Avantage”

Today, one of the most popular styles is a minimalist box that make use of fabric “in the distance,” ie, without assembly and drapery. It is on this principle are the Japanese panel, Roman, roller blinds. I want to add two more types of curtains, designed by our designers is a great success.
The first one consists of several separate panels of fabric (width 30-40 cm), each of which is attached to the ledge with three or four long, wide straps. These banners can be sewn from a variety of color and texture of fabrics, with inserts, applications, using the elements of phyto-design.
The second type of window dressing is especially suitable for children and a bathroom, as well as a country house. It is a combination of square pieces of fabric, usually 35-35 cm in size, which are interconnected tesemochkami. The squares can be of different colors to give the song even more frivolity (eg, a series – blue, the other – the bright lemon), or, conversely, are made from the same cloth – for the strict interior.

Capricious lady by the name of fashion

Thus, the curtains – one of the most representative of the interior details. But if you thought about what is now fashionable in that dress their windows? As demonstrated by the April exhibition “Interstroyexpo,” St. Petersburg does not want to keep up with fashion and more often prefer the so-called roll and panel curtains Japanese – the undisputed favorite in Europe.

Two Roman blinds protect the room from the bright light, while the classic shades together to create a finished look. The seeming incompatibility of the picture window design makes all very extravagant.

Roller blinds are simple, beautiful, installed without a hassle. When the window to open, fold them into a roll. However, they can be controlled or Location of this page a spring mechanism that allows you to fix the curtain at the desired height.

Manufactured roll curtains of fabric in two types – translucent and so-called Blackout, which do not pass light at all. Thanks to the dirt-repellent impregnation of curtains is very easy to clean – just wipe or vacuum. In addition, they are ideal for bathrooms, as drops of water after drying, do not leave stains on them.

The lower edge of roller blinds can be figured carved and decorated, for example, braid or fringe. And dozens of options for colors and patterns to help you create your own style of the room. The decoration of the windows will be even more elegant, if a roll-blinds combine with the usual blind or with tulle – thus the latter will be protected from exposure to sunlight, and hence of burnout.

In the kitchen, or counseling, and rooms, decorated tree, a wardrobe of your windows can be extended shades of straw, made on the basis of roll. Due to the large palette of colors you can easily enter the correct option.

The latest novelty in the market blinds – mini-cassettes. Universal design is attached directly to a window opens with the window and extremely useful for glass. For the mini-cassettes use the same fabric as for the roller blinds.

Finally, the most elegant, in my opinion – Japanese panel curtains. They are straight piece of cloth fabric, which are fastened to the eaves with Velcro, they move along the rails by hand or using a sliding rope system. If you’re Japanese panels will appreciate, in any case, do not skimp on the fabric. In the classic version window dressing, even the most simple material is a stylish element of the interior through the folds. In the case of the main panels of the aesthetic function takes the cloth: it must be of good quality, texture, possibly with embroidery or the original drawing. The maximum width of the finished product – 6 meters. In addition, each screen should be in 50-150 cm wide If you do already – will look like vertical blinds, and more widely – will be ugly. The height restriction is virtually absent.

Panel blinds can be combined by combining the heavy and light fabrics. Cornice sometimes close lambrequins – rigorous, concise but not too broad to sustain a style of Japanese minimalism.

expert opinion
Catherine Bobrovnikova
Specialist decorating the windows by “Windows world”
Japanese curtains – simple and easy – make it possible not only a new way to decorate windows, and original way to solve spatial problems. They look like the screen or even a screen. If the window of a nice view, maybe you should not use the thick curtains and blinds, and much more appropriate to insert a beautiful wooden frame, which will turn a piece of nature in the picture. And then it is useful Japanese screen. In the evening he will close the window and either merge with the wall, or by an appropriate figure to decorate a room.

this is fun!
Curtains, hanging onto the ledge is not, and the hooks screwed into the ceiling, a wall or opening windows.

Curtains on the grommet.

Blinds and curtains, which are fastened to the eaves with a wide zavyazok.

Curtain with lining – for a better shape and more practical.

Blinds and curtains, hanging on the contrary: first curtain, then tulle.

Finishing touch

Even a very beautiful and expensive curtain track can look unfinished if you have ignored in the design of accessories. Curtain, tassels, cords, ruffles, lace curtain, holders, hooks, and special systems for the movement of curtains – all these accessories can make even the most ordinary refined interior and personal.

Let’s start with lambrequin. This is a top, a separate part of the curtains hanging beneath the eaves. Pelmet can be mild or severe. Latest experts call shabrakom. As a rule of strict pelmet sew fabrics – damask, brocade, velvet – and decorated with cord or braid. Often, lambrequin uses the same fabric as the upholstery. The shape of the lower edge may be repeated silhouette of some parts of furniture such as headboards and carved panels of the cabinet.

Finishing the edge of the fringe, braid or lace curtains will give a front view. These hangings adorn the classic, antique or modern style interiors. A frill of contrast or of the same material as appropriate in country interiors.

Heavy curtains will be spectacular if they intercept a cord with tassels. Very important are the prime accessories such as fringe and braid. For example, a vertical band – sewn cloth along a strip of transparent nylon on the basis of which is provided with two thin laces. With their help, you can raise and lower the curtain when it is needed.

Roman shade fabric is complemented by curtains, the colors are repeated in the upholstery of the sofa.

Thick and heavy curtains of silk or velvet lining needs. It protects from fading and helps keep the form, hides the seams on the reverse side. Pad is selected to match the main fabric or a contrasting color, creating a unique decorative effect. A thin, transparent curtains of cotton, tulle, or avant-garde model of grid lining is not needed.

Curtain of silk, with a noble lambrequins can be planted in taffeta, so the folds will be beautiful. Lining and performs the role of a fuse: it expensive fabric will last longer. In addition, the shade becomes denser and protects against sunlight better.

In general, any box should look beautiful, to give home cosiness, special grace, and thus meet all the requirements of the owner – to keep warm, flowing, or, conversely, blocking access to light.

In conclusion, I want to say to all those who love their home and wants to decorate. It is important to remember that the area covered by upholstery fabric, is quite significant, and admitted blunder here would destroy the harmony of the interior. So if lack of experience or time does not allow you to design the interior itself, refer to specialists, and they will gladly help you solve this problem.

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